Customized Cardboard Boxes Can Make Corporate Gift Giving More Special

It’s well known that simply maintaining the morale of your company’s key employees can boost productivity and enhance your profitability in the competitive commercial arena. And there’s no time better than the holidays to really show employees how valued they are to your organization. Holiday gift packages and incentives are the perfect opportunity to really wow employees. This year, why not wow them from the very beginning with a cute or creative package? With custom or creative packaging and boxes as a first impression, you can demonstrate just how much you value your staff members. Custom-printed cardboard boxes can put the final touch on your gift to them, and can provide an added wow factor for annual gifts and merit awards. Here are some of the most innovative ideas for corporate gift giving and packaging this year.

Unique Edibles
Gourmet food baskets are always a popular choice during the holidays. Adding unique cardboard boxes customized with your company name and logo can make the occasion even more festive for your staff members. Best of all, these gift baskets can also provide added support for your corporate branding efforts by serving as a reminder of your company and its products throughout the holiday season. Friends and family of your employees who enjoy the items will retain a positive impression of your company long after the last treat has been consumed.

Cute and Clever
Memo pads, coffee mug warmers, pencil holders and other small and quirky items can make a big impression on your staff, especially when presented in a box that boldly displays your company name. Other options for the grab-bag gift package include some or all of the following:

• Mini dry-erase boards are perfect for to-do lists on the fly.
• Puzzles and quiz books can help keep wits sharp on the job.
• Desk and wall calendars are available to suit just about any interest or aesthetic preference.
• Candy jars prefilled with a favorite selection are welcome additions to most workplace desks.
• Coasters, mugs and other practical items can also be included to create a customized gift package your employees will love.

By opting for a personalized approach to your corporate holiday gift giving, you can make a real statement regarding the value of your employees to your institution.

Corporate Gear
Company t-shirts, caps and other wearable gear can perform double duty as thoughtful holiday gifts and as free advertising for your company. When delivered in a printed cardboard box specifically designed to showcase your corporate logo, these gifts can make a good impression on your staff members that can last all year around.

The commercial design experts at Custom Boxes Now can provide you with a variety of cost-effective options for boxing up your holiday gifts in style. We can provide you with packaging solutions that look great and make a real impact on staff members, vendors and all other recipients of your annual gift-giving generosity.

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