Custom Resource: Global Warming For Kids

We hear a lot of people talking about global warming these days, but what exactly is it? Global warming is something that has been occurring over a long time due to the release of certain gases into the atmosphere. The gases, which include carbon dioxide, cholorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and methane float up high into the atmosphere, where they are trapped. Because of this, the temperature on Earth rises and everything becomes warmer.

Plant, animal and human life are very sensitive to changes in temperature and as a result, a lot of natural life has been destroyed due to global warming. Even worse, the natural habitats of many creatures, such as the North Pole, oceans and forests are slowly changing or becoming destroyed. This means that many creatures lose their homes, which causes them to gradually become extinct. If too many plants and animals completely disappear, it could have a terrible effect on human life as well! As you can now see, everything on Earth is inter-connected, so it is very important to practice environmentally-friendly habits.

Do Scientists Agree About Global Warming?

Although various scientists have different opinions about how fast the Earth will warm up and by what amount, they do admit that our planet has already succumbed to global warming. Moreover, the scientists also recognize that if we don’t to stop it, the Earth will get hotter and hotter!

What is Causing Global Warming?

Gases that are trapped in the atmosphere are byproducts caused when humans, machines and factories burn wood and fossil fuels such as petroleum. Another major part of the problem is due to humans chopping down enormous amounts of trees in natural forestland. You probably already known that trees take in carbon dioxide, recycle it and release good, clean oxygen into the air. In other words, trees are a natural air cleaning system! Fewer trees means dirtier air and much more carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere.

What is the Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change?

When we talk about global warming, we are referring directly to how the Earth’s temperature is steadily increasing. On the other hand, climate change is about how the Earth’s weather changes over a very long period of time. This can include temperature and also rainfall, snow and other weather occurrences.

What Will Happen if Global Warming Continues?

If global warming keeps increasing the way it has been, there can be some very dangerous effects. We’ve already seen that it causes the levels of the oceans and seas to rise, and in this way many creatures lose their habitats. If the levels rise much more, it could even destroy people’s houses. In the future, if global warming does not stop, various life forms could completely die out. Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and storms might increase. In other regions, the hot weather could cause crops to die and the land could become barren and infertile.

What is Being Done About Global Warming?

Global warming is a very big problem and it takes a lot of people and a long time to properly fix it. In many areas, people still aren’t quite sure what to do to effectively solve the issue. However, it is generally agreed that cutting down on energy use is one way towards a solution.

What Can I Do About Global Warming?

Many kids feel that they are just too small or insignificant to make any real change too help fix global warming. If everyone contributes a little bit, all of our collective actions can add up to a lot! Start at home by reducing energy usage. This can be done in simple ways by turning off lights after you leave a room, or turning off the computer or television when it’s not in use. Ride your bike instead of asking your parents for a lift in the car. You can even plant a tree or other types of plants to help reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

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