Custom Die Cut Packaging From Around the World

“Out of this world” custom die cut packaging is literally changing the way people are packaging their products. Do you ever feel like drab, brown packaging is bringing down the excitement of the items you’re shipping? Maybe you’re concerned that packages can’t be both festive and functional? We’ve gathered an inspirational list of ideas for some of the most creative custom die cut boxes, to inspire you to take your packaging experience to the next level.

What’s it All About?
Die cutting is a way to bring your packages to life by creating shapes, prints, words, and more out of paper, cardboard, and other materials. Often, die cut packaging allows you to create a three-dimensional experience, makes way for a pop of color, and emphasizes the spirit of both the brand and the individual product.

This Little Light Of Mine
Are you a candle or lighting company? One way to really “brighten” up your packaging experience is to get a box that fits around the base of the candle or bulb so it can be cut and folded to look like a hanging lantern or make shapes on a wall. Make sure to include instructions in your shipping materials, and we recommend printing the lines to cut and fold along on the inside of the box, so customers can hide where stamps and labels used to be. Your clients may just like the idea so much, they’ll become life-long customers!

Practical Magic
If you’re shipping shoes, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the importance of how your shoebox should look. But have you ever thought about what a shoe box could do? Make sure your box isn’t relegated to the back of a closet by extending a lace matching the color of the pair your customer has ordered through the short side of the box, creating a “loop” hook that can be used to hang the box on the wall. Not only are your boxes incredibly useful, but your past customers will now see your logo every day. Include a small note about how the hanging display is perfect to store small items like scarves, pocket squares, or belts.

Self-Contained Planters
Shipping seeds, a small plant, or getting on the ever-popular succulent trend? We love the idea of sustainability, recycling, and ease in offering packaging that protects your plants — and helps you remember their names and how to care for them. On the inside of your shipping box, consider printing small cardboard “stakes” with your company’s logo, feeding instructions, information about exposure to sunlight, and how often to water what’s inside. You can even make fun cutouts that your customers can use to surround the base of their flowers pots with.

Keep checking back on our blog for more ideas about how to combine form and function in your shipping and packaging.

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