Custom Cardboard Boxes Can Hold More Value Than You Probably Think

Custom cardboard boxes can hold a whole lot more than you probably think. How much, you ask? Nearly a ton, according to recent reports, and you can even still get free shipping on something that heavy. One of the most popular online retailers is willing to ship items this weighty, and with the right packaging they will make sure it reaches your front door without a single S&H charge. This kind of shipping takes a special kind of box, with very special attention and care taken during the packaging process. Fortunately, custom box makers are prepared to design packages for nearly any kind of product, big or small. Maybe one day someone will actually order something this heavy to be delivered to their door, but for now we can only speculate and marvel at the wonders of modern packaging and shipping.

It All Started With Free Shipping
Most packages that are delivered to online customers’ doors are fairly nondescript and don’t weigh much more than, say, 50 pounds. Normally anything heavier than this would come with a hefty fee, but anyone who shops online at Amazon knows that the company offers free shipping on most products as long as you shop within their guidelines. This applies to customers who either use the Super Saver shipping (which may take several weeks) or pay the Amazon Prime annual membership fee (which allows you to select express shipping free of charge). Also, anyone who shops online at Amazon is probably very familiar with the logo that appears on every Amazon box.

A Newspaper Puts Free Shipping to the Test
The folks at Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch went on a mission to test how committed Amazon truly is to giving their customers free shipping, and along the way they proved just how big of a box a shipper might want and need to make a customer’s wish come true. The journal did its research and found that the heaviest product Amazon is willing to package and ship is the CO54 Commander Series Premium 90 Minute Fire Safe by Cannon Safe. This 6-foot-tall safe weighs more than 1,500 pounds (before packaging), costs nearly $3,500 and is capable of holding as many as 48 guns. It may not be fun for the Amazon employees who have to package it, or the FedEx employees who have to transport it, but you can have this behemoth delivered to your front door, in custom packaging, without paying a single penny in shipping and handling.

One may wonder how Amazon can afford to have custom cardboard boxes produced and pay the shipping costs for massive items like this, since they could potentially lose money on such endeavors. With so many customers willing to pay extra to have a product shipped overnight or within a few days, though, the retailer still manages to come out on top. And with the free advertising they get every time a customer orders something that’s delivered in their signature designed box, it’s all worthwhile in the end.