Creative Holiday Packaging Ideas to Set Your Products Apart

If you’re trying to come up with creative packaging ideas for the holidays, time is running out to devise the perfect design. With a high-end printing service, the possibilities are virtually limitless, so there’s really no reason to let this opportunity pass you by. Whether you package your products in printed mailer boxes, basic cardboard boxes, laminated boxes, die cut boxes or any type of retail box, you have the opportunity to create a personal experience with your customers. Opening a box containing a highly anticipated item can be a memorable moment if you put a little bit of thought into the package.

Here are a few creative ideas if you’re looking for some last-minute holiday inspiration:

Mailers with a Greeting
If you do business online and send packages to customers in printed mailer boxes, you have the opportunity to greet customers with a special holiday salutation before they even open up the box. The message doesn’t have to be long and the decoration doesn’t have to be complicated. A little bit of holly, falling snow, candy-cane striping, Christmas lights or twinkling stars can go a long way during the winter holidays. Letting your customers know you’re sending them good cheer during the holiday season is a great way to make them feel appreciated and keep them coming back for more, too.

Mimic Gift Wrapping
One of the most novel ways to package your products for the holidays is to mimic the experience of unwrapping a gift with the box. Even if your products aren’t the kind of thing someone would give as a gift, you can make the unpackaging experience more delightful this time of year by reminding consumers what it feels like to open a present from a loved one. You may even convince a customer to come back for more – enticing them to order additional products as gifts for their friends and families.

Showcase Your Product
If you are offering special products with a holiday theme or selling something that screams “holidays,” consider showing it off with a die cut box that exposes one view of the product through either an open window or one with transparent plastic. Either let the product speak for itself, or embellish the cardboard section of the box with simple decorations and holiday colors such as red and green, blue and silver or shimmering gold. Opening a pretty package is fun any time of the year, and doing so during the holidays is even more exciting.

Holiday Packaging on a Budget
There are plenty of more affordable creative packaging ideas for the holidays, too. If you can only afford one-color printing, choose red or green. If you can afford to add a basic design to your packages for the season, choose something that represents the feeling of the holidays. Don’t want to mix up your branding image by changing colors or images on your boxes? Printing a simple postcard-sized holiday note to slip inside your package before shipping is an additional way to spread some good will and cheer.

Don’t waste another day; get ready for the holidays with custom product packaging today!