A Custom Box from Amazon and Nissan Caused a Stir in Madison

The possibilities of custom boxes are virtually endless in this day and age. There are few limitations when it comes to the size, shape, design and concept of a product’s packaging, and retailers are now capable of creating as much excitement with a box as with the product itself. In fact, the anticipation created by one smartly designed package can even sometimes be more compelling than the contents of the box. One box created just this kind of excitement when Nissan teamed up with Amazon earlier this year to deliver a special package to a lucky new owner in Madison, Wisconsin, that came with some very special treats. The big box created quite a stir as it was in transit, and proved just how much buzz and excitement a single box can cause.

Amazon and Nissan Create a Mystery Box
Back in the first week of January, residents of Madison, Wisconsin, saw a huge Amazon package on the back of a truck driving through the streets of their city. And this box wasn’t just big. It was massive. Bigger than anything that the average person had ever seen delivered to their home from this popular online retailer. Some thought it was a hoax, but within days the recipient of the special delivery responded to the rampant speculation with a very real explanation. It turns out the giant package actually held a brand new 2014 Nissan Versa Note. And this wasn’t the only new Nissan Versa Note delivered to a lucky recipient in one of these huge Amazon boxes.

Promotional Partnership Takes Packaging to New Heights
Most people purchase new cars from dealership lots, but when Nissan teamed up with Amazon their promotional campaign set a new precedent while creating a buzz for both of their brands with some very conspicuous packaging delivered on highly visible trucks. It all started back in September of 2013, when the two companies launched a campaign on the Amazon website that was directed at prospective new car buyers. The online advertisements targeted people who were already interested in buying a Nissan Versa with an offer to fill out a special contact form to see if they could get a deal on their purchase. Any buyer who purchased a new Versa Note within a month of being contacted by a Nissan dealer in their area would be treated to a $1,000 Amazon gift card. Three lucky buyers also got their new car in a very special package, delivered straight to their door in a custom box from the people at Amazon.

Amazon and Nissan wanted to cause a stir with their packaging stunt and it looks as though they succeeded. With all the attention this delivery in Madison got, it seems as if a box can do much more than hold an object. Custom boxes like the car-sized ones from Amazon can hold viewers’ attention and create a great deal of excitement about what’s inside. Retailers can certainly learn a thing or two from this promotion.