Unboxing The Unboxing Trend

Click on a YouTube channel created by a beauty or fashion social media celebrity, and chances are you’ll soon come across an “Unboxing” video. In essence, these videos show the user opening up a brand new box of goodies that has just arrived in the mail — so if something has smashed or broken in transit, the user is going to broadcast her unhappiness to her subscribers. If you knew your company’s box was going to opened and the products inside would be seen by millions of viewers and countless potential clients, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you’ve put your best foot forward? Read on to learn more about how to create custom packaging boxes that make sure your goods are delivered safely — and in style.

First Impressions
When a client orders something from you, it’s important to keep in mind the anticipation and excitement that goes into opening the package. Even if it’s a monthly subscription box, and even if they know what’s inside, there’s still nothing like the satisfaction of opening something they’ve been looking forward to receiving. The right custom packaging boxes can make the experience even better.

Make It Personal
You can encourage customer loyalty by personalizing boxes for customers who have ordered a certain amount from your company. Or, why not add something special for first time customers? Even small details, like printing a customer’s name on the box of their first order, or including a thank you note, can make a big impact!

Brand Recognition
Whether it’s a YouTube star opening her boxes in front of millions of viewers, or a child opening a package on Christmas morning, branding your box with your company’s colors, logo and slogan is a way to make sure your name and brand sticks in customers’ heads.

Every client wants choices — even in packaging. Let your customers choose from a variety of colors, prints and textures. Be sure to include options with extra padding for heavier shipping items, and, if the need calls for it, think about offering your clients options about which type of box they’d prefer their items to be shipped in.

Custom Boxes Now offers eco-friendly options for customized boxes, which will not only show that you’re a company that cares, but will also help to negate any potential guilt that customers might experience with non-recycled boxes. Eco-friendly options can look ultra-chic, and may be cheaper to produce.

Custom Boxes Now has a wide variety of customizable, eco-friendly and ultra-stylish boxes that will be the highlight of any Unboxing video. No matter what’s inside, we have the product that will make a lasting impression.

To start your own project use our online shipping box configurator or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.