Minimalist Product Packaging: Harnessing the Power of Simplicity

With more ways to reach potential clients than ever before, consumers are constantly bombarded with in-your-face, ultra-aggressive marketing tactics. “Overwhelmed” describes the experience of most consumers in the Internet age.

With the influx of excess, sometimes the best way to stand apart from the crowd is to create minimalist product packaging. Give your customers a break, and let the integrity of your products do the talking. Here, we’re giving you some of our favorite ideas for minimalist packaging.

Examples of Minimalist Packaging
At Custom Boxes Now, we’re used to creating a variety of minimalist package design options. One of our favorite clients is the subscription box Datebox, which delivers fun-filled date ideas that take the anxiety out of planning a date. Instead, everything a couple needs for a great night in is contained in the box. Since the concept of Datebox is already so strong, they wanted to save the excitement for what was inside the package, not give everything away in the exterior design. We created a sleek, black-and-white simple logo box that perfectly combined Datebox’s branding with the minimalist trend. Cupid’s arrow shooting through a cute heart, with the words “It’s time for your date!” was all the box needed to shine. Plus, a simpler box can build anticipation for what’s inside.

Remember, if you’re concerned that minimalist package design may not give you enough space to be creative, or might limit the ways you communicate with your customers, there are plenty of opportunities on the inside of the box. Also, consider stamping your packaging with a social media hashtag, which consumers can post in or peruse at their leisure. They’ll likely be more curious to check it out if it’s not thrown in their faces.

We also worked with Curated Mr. Smith, a subscription box that brings exciting spirits to your front door – no more waiting in line at the ABC store, no more bottom-shelf liquor. We knew a vibrant, crowded design wouldn’t fit with their target market, so we created a simple box, a light blue square, reminiscent of a coaster, and sandwiched the word “Curated” between two stick-straight blue lines. For a personalized feel, “By Mr. Smith,” is scrawled in script – giving the impression that he hand signed every box.

Things to Consider
Keep in mind that minimalist packaging isn’t for everyone – or for every market. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense for a nationally-recognized brand, like a favorite soda, to suddenly switch to clean lines and simple font. But there are ways to “tone down” your current packaging. Incorporate your brand colors into minimalist design, try including a brief quote instead of a large logo, or even switch your font to a sleeker option. If you’re unsure how your market will react, consider creating a “limited edition” packaging utilizing minimalist designs. Not only will this give you time to read your market, but it will also create hype around your product!

Simple packaging proves to consumers that you are so confident in your products that all you need is the products themselves – not the persuasion of fancy packaging.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take the less-is-more route in creating your own custom retail packaging. Sometimes, simplicity is a risk that can pay off big. Why not take it?

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