How to Ship Clothing: Guide to Custom Apparel Boxes

How to ship clothing

Before your customers even lay eyes on your product, your product packaging will be the first thing they see. These first impressions are important, and that’s why it’s essential to procure custom apparel boxes you can proudly ship to consumers. 

Apparel boxes are more than boxes that hold your products. They add to the way others perceive your brand, from promoting your clothes and attracting customers to protecting your products. In this guide, we’ll explore all you need to know about shipping with custom apparel boxes. 

Benefits of Custom Apparel Boxes

Packaging influences customer purchasing decisions, leading many companies to use custom apparel boxes for their clothing products. Unique apparel boxes can make apparel such as shirts look more appealing and show your customers that you care about the quality of products you deliver to them. Take a look at the long-term benefits of custom apparel boxes that make them a great choice when shipping clothing. 

Keep Your Products Safe 

Clothes can be prone to damage like stains or tears during shipping, making it important to use packaging that keeps them safe. Fortunately, custom apparel boxes are made of thick and durable cardboard materials that are tamper-resistant, waterproof and scratch-resistant to help ensure that products stay safe for longer. This prevents external sources from damaging the products inside. Even so, the boxes can still look appealing with colors or customized designs on the outside. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is how familiar consumers are with your brand. When you use custom apparel boxes with your logo, you can increase your brand recognition and awareness. Imagine this: A customer purchases your brand’s apparel and is so impressed that they snap a quick picture or video and post it on social media. Because of the custom-printed apparel boxes with your logo and signature colors on them, viewers will quickly recognize your brand and remember it when they begin looking for a similar product.

Benefits of custom apparel boxes

Provide an Exciting Unboxing Experience 

If you’re looking to grow your customer base online, one of the best ways to do so is by enhancing the appearance of your apparel boxes. Many consumers value an unforgettable unboxing experience. This is especially true when you produce quality clothing. With good looking packaging comes good looking clothes!

Great packaging includes attractive design attributes, such as your brand logo, and a catchy tagline for a memorable experience. You can also stuff the box with extras like confetti or stickers. This makes the unboxing experience even more exciting and shows consumers that they can trust your brand to deliver quality products. 

Offer Sustainability

Since custom apparel boxes are made of paper-based materials, they are eco-friendly and decomposable, which can help your company reduce waste. This is also important for eco-conscious consumers who may prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly brands. 

Provide Versatile Marketing Opportunities

If you’re looking for a diverse way to promote your business, custom-printed apparel boxes are the way to go. These boxes do all the advertising for you with an eye-catching design and quality finish. If you post photos of your packaging on social media or upload images to your website, make sure what the customer sees online is what they’ll get. When customers order these boxes and receive the same quality, it builds brand trustworthiness and encourages users to come back for more. 

Tips for Packaging Clothes for Shipping 

The unboxing experience plays an important role in whether you’ll gain repeat customers in e-commerce. The way you package your clothes for shipping ensures customers have a pleasant experience and shows that their products were cared for before and during delivery. Here are some top tips for shipping your clothing in style. 

  • Include personalized cards: To make the unboxing moment more meaningful, add a personalized card to thank the customer for their purchase. 
  • Wrap the apparel in tissue paper: Use tissue paper that matches the product or your brand colors, and seal it with a custom sticker or piece of tape. 
  • Consider the way you fold the apparel: Use a folding technique that creates a neat appearance and prevents wrinkling. 

Best Packaging for Shipping Clothes 

The best packaging box for shipping clothes is the C-series box. This self-locking corrugated cardboard box is thick and closes securely, ensuring your apparel’s safety — whether it’s a silky top or a thick jacket. The C-series box comes with benefits that make it suitable for shipping your apparel: 

  • Large creative space: The C-series box has lots of space to clearly display your logo and branding messages. There are no half flaps or top seams that ruin your custom printed apparel box design!
  • Various finishes to choose from: C-series boxes come in various finishes to make your design stand out, including kraft, white and gloss finishes. 
  • Comes in custom sizes: With C-series boxes, you can choose a size that matches your clothing items. 
  • Secure and durable: This box’s front folding closure allows the box to close securely without tape, meaning you can maintain the look of your custom-printed apparel box while ensuring safety during shipping. 
  • Easy to assemble: This box is easy to assemble. If you’re packing orders yourself, its self-locking flap is perfect when you have various orders to fulfill. 
  • Reusable: Customers can use these boxes multiple times due to their durable structure, which might be appealing for certain consumers.

Still on the fence about whether custom boxes are the way to go? Check out this post about European menswear brand Hugh & Crye and their experience shipping clothes in custom apparel C-series boxes. The brand went with a minimalistic design on the top of a sturdy C-series box and had its brand name placed on the sides to create elegant and sleek apparel packaging. 

The self-locking feature and optimal fit also ensured that the apparel inside stayed safe throughout the shipping process. Hugh & Crye were so satisfied with their custom apparel boxes that they became more excited to ship their products to customers.

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