The Importance of Custom Printed Boxes for Online T-Shirt Sellers

With so many online t-shirt companies popping up, custom printed boxes have become one of the most important ways to differentiate brands from their competition. In this competitive market, sellers who ship their t-shirts out in plain old brown boxes or white sleeves are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow their business. Here we delve into post why selling t-shirts is so popular, some of the steps entrepreneurs typically take when starting a t-shirt company online, and the importance of custom box printing to differentiate your t-shirts from the competition.

Why Selling T-Shirts Online is So Popular
It isn’t difficult to see why t-shirt companies are among the most popular startup businesses in the world of online retail. Who doesn’t wear t-shirts? The t-shirt is a staple of casual wear, and is even becoming more common in some of today’s casual work environments. There is always an audience for this product, including men, women, boys, and girls of all ages. T-shirt printing doesn’t cost all that much, and graphic design programs are more intuitive and easier to use than ever. The low startup cost and the near endless possibilities for creativity, among other reasons, make this an attractive business model.

Essential Steps in Starting a T-Shirt Company
If you’re going to start a t-shirt company online, the first essential step is developing the product. T-shirt designers often start with sketches or graphic designs, while others even incorporate their own paintings or mixed media artworks. The possibilities are virtually endless. The next step is finding a quality service provider to do the t-shirt printing, then selecting the style of shirts your designs will be printed on. At this point, you should already have a website set up to start selling, and you should also have developed a good marketing and branding plan, including your logo and an overall idea about your brand’s identity that you will strive to convey. Don’t forget, one very successful way to develop your brand is to ship your t-shirts in custom printed boxes.

Why Custom Boxes Are Essential to Online T-Shirt Sales
First impressions count. If your customers are greeted with a plain brown box or a plastic shipping sleeve – rather than a stunning, custom printed box and additional packaging that enhances the un-packaging experience – they won’t remember much about the purchase. It doesn’t matter how awesome your t-shirts look on, there is no replacing that feeling of opening a beautiful box and building anticipation about what’s inside. From one-color direct printing to multi-color custom printing solutions, there is a wide range of options to make your box stand out to your customers and everyone else who happens to see the box in transit. Small extras like candy, buttons, toys, and stickers or postcards with your logo on them are also great ways to enhance the experience.

Build Your Box

Just make sure you stay consistent and true to your brand identity in the images and colors that you choose, and you stand a much better chance of making your t-shirt brand a success.
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