Low Impact Living: A Guide To Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard is a durable, earth-friendly material consisting of paper and wood pulp. Many people are now opting to use heavy cardboard as a medium for furniture because of its versatility and environmental friendliness. Furniture made from cardboard can be custom made, and can take on just about any shape imaginable. It is low cost, since cardboard can be found almost anywhere and often for free. People who are interested in having a self-sustainable home should look into cardboard furniture as an alternative to metal and wood.

Most cardboard can be recycled, so it is good for the environment. It’s also a great way to change up your furniture without spending a ton of money. There are guides that can show you how to build your very own furniture from bookshelves to chaise lounges, entirely out of cardboard.

  • Make Your Own – A few stunning examples of cardboard furniture, as well as resources to make your own.
  • How to Make Cardboard Furniture – A step by step guide on how to make your own furniture out of cardboard.
  • FAQ Page – Some questions and answers about cardboard furniture, plus simple instructions on how to make a very simple chair.
  • Krooom – This environmentally friendly company designs and sells many different amazing cardboard furniture pieces.
  • Frank Gehry – A photograph of a cardboard chair designed by the famous Frank Gehry.
  • Building a Table – How to build a sturdy table from a corrugated cardboard box.
  • Footstool/Chair – Use this handy printable pattern to fold your own piece of cardboard into a simple chair or stool.
  • DIY Video – Video about how to transform cardboard into functional furniture.
  • 10 Masters of Cardboard Design – Cardboard can be used for furniture, but also as art and other amazing functional pieces; here are ten designers who use this medium well.
  • The Cardboard Furniture Project – A cool site that shows how furniture is made from cardboard along with some pointers.
  • Cardboard Storage System – A unique way to store items at home using cardboard instead of plastic or metal boxes.
  • Other Ways to Use Cardboard – Some furniture is included here, but there are also other amazing objects such as a cardboard bridge!
  • Recycled Chairs – An interview with Gary Ramler, director of Ramler Furniture, which sells cardboard furniture.
  • Cardboard Furniture Can Look Good – Just because it is made of cardboard does not mean it cannot be stylish.

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