Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Box Size & Strength

Let’s talk a moment about box strength. We know what types of corrugated boxes there are, and we realize the importance of custom print on a box, but now – in a real-world, practical, logistical sense – box strength matters as well. Whether your box shows up in the same good-looking condition you sent it or in tatters with the bottom falling out will make a huge difference in the views of your customers. The box they hold in their hands (not the box you hold in your hands) tells the customer a thousand stories about your company.

The strength of your shipping box will vary depending on its size and the strength of the corrugated used in its construction. The bigger the box, the stronger the wall strength it can hold. This is convenient, since a bigger box will necessarily need to be stronger because it is designed to carry more matter inside.

Options from Custom Boxes Now! range as follows:

  • “STANDARD” strength box: Single-wall, 32 ECT; we do not recommend exceeding 65 lbs and 75 total inches of measurement.
  • “STRONG” box: Single-wall, 44 ECT; we do not recommend exceeding 95 lbs and 95 total inches of measurement.
  • “EXTRA STRONG” box: Double-wall, 51 ECT; we do not recommend exceeding 105 total inches and 120 lbs.

We offer many more strength options, including burst strength measurements (ie: 200 lbs per square inch). Contact us if you need to discuss box strength options beyond those available on our online box configurator. The box must be strong enough to carry its cargo to its destination and survive the trip intact.

If you need a little assistance in choosing a box size and strength, please feel free to contact us directly at Custom Boxes Now!

Or, if you know exactly what you need and want to order some, you can always use our Custom Box Configurator.