Exploring the Different Box Strength Options From Custom Boxes Now!

Different box strength options from Custom Boxes Now

Let’s think about box strength for a minute. Aside from the undeniable importance of choosing the right type of corrugated boxand the custom print, we use boxes to protect the product inside, so box strength matters. Customers care whether their packaging arrives looking pristine or like it’s been dragged backward through a tornado. The box your customer receives — not the one you send — frames how your customers see your company in the future. 

Why Box Strength Is Important

Different box strengths help protect your product during shipping

Your boxes must withstand the shipping process, where they may get bumped around or stacked underneath heavier objects. Understanding the different box strengths is essential to ensure your customers see your product and shipping processes positively and that you don’t have to shoulder the costs of returns. Customers often return undamaged goods because the boxes don’t meet the rigors of shipping, and it costs you money to replace and reship these items. 

Using the incorrect box strength can also damage your product, which means more extra costs to you, both in replacing and reshipping your products and in the long term, as clients choose different suppliers in the future. Something as simple as selecting the right box strength can minimize the risks to your product and reputation. 

How to Understand Box Strengths

Your box’s strength varies depending on the paper combination used in the corrugated material. Box strengths are commonly measured in the edge crush test (ECT), which refers to the compressive strength of the corrugated board often used in packaging. The following corrugated sheet strengths will give you an idea of what you’re looking for:

  • 23B: This is a lightweight and cost-effective option 1/8” thick. 
  • 32B: This board is also 1/8” thick but has a higher ECT rating, which means it’s stronger and more rigid, providing better cushioning and shock resistance. 
  • 32E: These sheets are 1/16” thick, giving a sleeker look to your packaging while still carrying the same ECT as the 32B. It’s more prone to bowing and offers less cushioning. 
  • 32C: If you’re looking for extra strength and cushioning, this sheet strength is for you. It’s 11/64” thick and offers considerably more protection. 
  • 44C: You need a heavy-duty box sometimes, and with sheet strength like this, you can easily shop 20-30 pound packages. 

Popular Tests for Box Strength

Although corrugated board strength depends on many factors, there are standard tests to measure box strength. The two most popular options are the edge crush and mullen tests. The edge crush test uses the McKee formula to calculate the vertical compression strength and elasticity along cardboard box edges. It helps manufacturers determine the quality and strength of their boxes. 

The Mullen test — also known as the Mullen Burst Box Strength Test — measures the bursting strength of boxes after applied pressure. It measures how much pressure a box will withstand before breaking or bursting, promoting safe handling and shipping and reducing the chance of damage and expensive returns. 

Box Strength Options from Custom Boxes Now

At Custom Boxes Now, we offer various strength options, including burst strength measurements. Some of our most popular box strengths to carry your product to its destination and ensure it arrives in one piece:

  • The standard strength box: This single wall, 32ECT box is ideal for packaging under 65 lbs and 75 total inches. 
  • The “strong” box: A single wall, 44ECT option for larger packages under 95 lbs and 95 total inches. 
  • The “extra strong” box: Double wall boxes are the way to go when it’s time to bring out the strongest option. This double wall 51 ECT is strong enough for anything under 120 lbs and 105 total inches. 

Although these are some our most common box strengths used, we do offer many other strengths. Just contact one of our box experts and we can help you decide which strenght is ideal for your application.

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Protecting your products is a critical business concern. Custom Boxes Now is here to help you choose the right box strength for your products, so you can ship your items safely and keep your clients satisfied. Get an idea of your box’s size, strength and appearance with our Build a Box tool to see what works best with your product. 

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about which of our boxing options is right for you, and start your journey with Custom Boxes Now!