FAQ's | Custom Shipping Boxes

I need my boxes tomorrow – can you get them to me in time?

Yes, as long as you order before noon Central Standard Time and select overnight delivery. Orders received online after 2:00 CST are not available for next-day delivery. Exceptions to this may be possible by calling 1-866-493-7725.

How do I know what box strength I should choose?

CustomBoxesNow.com has simplified the box ordering process. By offering three grades of corrugated board, you can choose the right strength for your box application. If you still have questions, please call 1-866-493-7725.

The strength of a box depends on its size and the strength of the corrugated used in its construction. The larger the box, the more strength it can hold:

  • "STANDARD" strength box: Single-wall, 32 ECT, we do not recommend exceeding 65 lbs and 75 total inches of measurement.
  • "STRONG" box: Single-wall, 44 ECT, we do not recommend exceeding 95 lbs and 95 total inches of measurement.
  • "EXTRA STRONG" box: Double-wall, 51 ECT, we do not recommend exceeding 105 total inches and 120 lbs.

    Total inches can be measured by taking the outside dimensions of the box and adding them together (length, height, and width.)

    Is there a minimum quantity of boxes I must order?

    No, we do not require a minimum order quantity. However, the larger quantity of boxes you order, the more you save per box.

    Can I add a logo or other custom printing to my box?

    You may choose to add printing to your custom box.
    • Standard Printing - this allows you to select from popular phrases such as "Fragile" or "This Side Up".
    • Custom Printing - this option allows you to upload your logo or graphics and add them to your box. You will see a print plate charge added to the cost of your box. After selecting custom printing, you will be asked for the number of panels (on which you want printing), number of colors, and image size. You will also be asked to upload your image later in the checkout process.
      • Panels: Number of sides that would be printed. For 2 panel printing we normally print the two longer panels of a box, opposite of one another. For 4 panel printing, we print both the length and width panels of the box. If you are interested in getting the top or bottom panels printed, please contact us.
      • Colors: 1C printing is a single spot color, that can be screened, printed on a box. 2C printing is two spot colors, both of which can be screened, printed on a box. 4C printing can be either four specific spot colors or process printing.
      • Image Area: The total dimensional area of your print, centered on each selected panel. Please do not select an image area larger than the box you are purchasing. If you would prefer a different placement on the panels, please call us and we would be more than happy to help you.

    Please call us if you need assistance with adding custom printing. Please allow 2-3 extra days for custom printing.

    Will my personal information be shared with any other organizations?

    No. We do not sell or distribute any of our customer data. We only use your information to contact you with important updates specific to CustomBoxesNow.com.

    Does your site keep my credit card and other personal information secure?

    Yes. We take security very seriously. All financial information is protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) during data transmission. An icon resembling a padlock is displayed on the bottom of most browser windows during SSL transactions.


    How do I track my order or shipping status?

    To track the status of an order, login to your account and click on the order number under “Order History”. This will show you the progress of the order. If it has shipped, you will also be able to see the shipping tracking number.

    My order did not show up on time – what should I do?

    Please contact us immediately by calling 1-866-493-7725.