Custom Boxes Made in the USA

Custom Boxes Now has been in the box manufacturing business for almost 60 years. Throughout these decades, we have designed and produced all of our boxes in the USA. Our 200,000-square foot manufacturing plant and in-house design, print and pre-press services are all located right under one midwestern roof in Minneapolis, MN. Our streamlined approach lets us develop high-quality custom corrugated boxes and ship them to your retail location on a tight timeline. As our customers have discovered, there are many advantages to choosing custom box manufacturers in the USA, including:

Reliable Distribution Cycles

To get your products into customers' hands, you need your packaging to follow an efficient distribution cycle from pre-production to manufacturing and delivery. Delays on the manufacturers' end can have a direct and negative impact on your business and your customers' experiences. Typically, top-notch distribution networks make and ship custom packaging in the USA for seamless travel across geographical zones. Without the delays and interrupted access of international shipping, you can feel confident that your custom boxes will make it to your warehouse in time.

Pennyback tonics printed box

National Certification Standards

Custom packaging manufacturers in the U.S. are often held to a high standard of compliance and certification. You can easily check that your packaging manufacturer holds specific certifications to measure their level of quality and reliability. For example, Custom Boxes Now is ISO:9001 2015 certified, a title that speaks to our quality management and control. These standards are not necessarily the same internationally, making it more difficult to measure packages from outside the country.

Quality Materials and Technology

Thanks to American innovation, you can expect advanced technology, quality materials and eco-friendly packaging from custom printed boxes in the USA. Cutting edge machinery and methods help U.S. manufacturers stand out from the competition and continually create new and exciting design options for all of your packaging needs. Custom Boxes Now continually seeks creative new ways of solving our clients' problems to provide precise, vibrant prints and colors.

Support Local Economies

Custom Boxes Now considers it an honor to support the American workforce by using U.S.-made materials and producing all of our packaging at home. We pour back into our domestic economy by keeping all of our operations right here in the Midwest. Your customers will feel the same American pride as they receive custom U.S.-made packaging from your business.

Build Your Custom Box

Why Choose Custom Boxes Now?

In addition to producing and shipping our custom packaging boxes entirely in the U.S., Custom Boxes Now has some other unique benefits. A seasoned in-house team helps us create exceptional production and design standards. Instead of outsourcing parts of the process, we have control through every stage to ensure we deliver your quality boxes on time. From pre-press and printing to manufacturing and shipping, every step of production is located in Minneapolis, MN. When you work with Custom Boxes Now, you can always expect:

Timely deliveries: With an on-time percentage of 99%, Custom Boxes Now is known for speed and efficiency.
Eco-friendly packages: We prioritize sustainable products. Our kraft boxes are 100% recyclable and feature 60-95% post-consumer waste.
Expertise: With almost 60 years of industry experience, Custom Boxes Now has outstanding talent and seasoned designers.
Customer service: Our team is quick to respond to your needs and guide you through the customization process.

Create and Purchase Your Custom Boxes Today

Are you ready to tailor your packaging to reflect your brand and impress your customers? Custom Boxes Now makes the process straightforward and reliable. Use our box configuration tool to customize your preferences and create a product that suits your needs. We'll have your USA-made packaging delivered to you in no time. Build your boxes today or contact our team with any questions!