Are Custom Mailer Boxes Right for You?

Finding the perfect box to mail orders in can be more challenging than it may seem. Custom mailer boxes do double duty in the land of shipping. Not only can a custom box be the perfect fit, but the potential these boxes have for customization can also be a branding blockbuster, furthering your presence in the market place, making it an investment that all but pays for itself.

But…What Are Custom Mailer Boxes?

Custom mailer boxes are exactly what they sound like: custom-sized, regular, rigid mailing boxes with hinged lids that can be totally customized (inside and out!) and withstand the shipping process. They’re often meant for packaging small items or a selection of product – think: subscription boxes – but in truth, as the name would imply, these custom boxes can come in all sizes and are intended to be precisely the perfect shape for your exact shipping needs.

Many questions come to mind when brands think about adopting custom mailer boxes. Business owners often wonder things like: what type of packaging is righthow much will it cost, and what are the benefits to custom packaging? So, how do you know if custom mailer boxes are right for your business? Check out these key points to consider.

Should You Consider Custom Mailing Boxes?

Before you decide on custom mailer boxes or not, there are several things to consider.

  • Cost: As with anything, it’s important to look at the cost involved in adopting a custom mailer box option for your packaging purposes. When requesting price quotes from manufacturers, you should have a basic idea of the design, size and quantity or quantities you’ll need – all of these factors will likely affect your cost. Keep in mind there may be a cost to create a cutting die for this type of box. But a unique box, with the right branding and printing, may just elevate your brand image to a whole other level. So of course cost is a factor, but you really do need to weigh the pros and cons of what you’ll get out of a box like this. This isn’t your grandmother’s old shipping box.
  • Size: Since these boxes are the epitome of “custom,” you can essentially create any size box you could ever need. Of course, the size of the contents you ship will determine what size custom mailer box will be most appropriate. And remember, you can order several sizes to keep on hand if you sell and ship more than one product.
  • Design: Custom mailer boxes can come in all colors and can be printed inside and outside with just about whatever design you could imagine. Are you looking for solid colored boxes that are just for the holidays? Do you want something printed with your logo? Are you trying to garner the ultimate customer experience with surprise printing on the inside of your box? From a branding perspective there’s really no limit to what you can do with these boxes.

Many businesses use different packaging options depending on their customers’ needs. Are you gift wrapping? Shipping? Do you even need a box? Or will a bag do the trick? The ultimate packaging goal in any instance is to make your customers’ experience the best it can possibly be. Using custom mailer boxes when shipping items to customers might just help retain your customer base. And if you’re branding your boxes, think about how many additional sets of eyes will be on your package in transit…you may even attract new customers.

custom kraft mailer boxes with logo printed

The Benefits of Choosing Custom Mailer Boxes

Don’t forget to consider the benefits of custom mailer boxes. You might be surprised by how much this packaging choice can impact your business and elevate your customers’ experiences. Between the color, printing options and perfect sizes, customization can lead to myriad advantages that will give your business a more cohesive look and feel. Choose custom mailer boxes, and you’ll discover some pretty powerful benefits:

  • Eye-catching look: Bright colors. Beautiful artwork. Witty messaging. No matter what type of flair you go with, a little bit of custom creativity can go a long way in helping your mailer box stand out.
  • Promote sales: Custom boxes are ideal for serving a two-for-one purpose. You can use your packaging to personalize any current promotions and drive your sales.
  • Enhance your brand: Customers aren’t just looking at the product inside. Your package matters, perhaps more than you would imagine. Adding custom artwork and your signature colors can lead to a fully branded experience. If customers can immediately recognize your brand from just the box, you know you’re doing something right.
  • Keep products safe: A bonus of choosing custom mailer boxes includes increased protection for your product on the road. Since custom packaging is built to specifically fit your goods, it will go the extra mile in keeping items safe and secure throughout the journey.

Beyond the benefits of customizing your mailer, this box style offers its own advantages. The lightweight nature of a mailer box makes it cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Choosing a quality mailer box gives you the chance to show customers how much you care. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, your packaging can become your storefront, if you let it. Customize your mailers and showcase what makes your brand special.

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