A Guide to Custom Die-Cut Boxes

guide to custom die cut boxes

Product packaging is one of the first ways a consumer engages with your brand. They use packaging to gather important information about the product and your brand. Everything from the materials used in your packaging to your design is essential in helping consumers choose products. How you portray your products is just as important as the products themselves. 

The use of die-cut boxes is growing in popularity across industries and allows companies to create a range of customizable looks and sensory experiences for consumers. Die-cutting offers a way to create custom product packaging that appeals to shoppers while sharing important brand messages. We’ll take you through what die-cut boxes are, how they are made and the benefits of using custom die-cut box packaging. 

What Are Die-Cut Boxes? 

A die-cut box is a box that has been cut into shape using a die-cutting machine. Sheets of corrugated cardboard are placed into a die-cutting machine or press to create the desired packaging shape. A die-cutting machine lets brands make various shapes and styles, allowing you to create custom packaging for your products. 

Die-cutting is ideal for packaging designs with more than one component. Having a design with multiple parts is an opportunity to get creative. For example, using different layers in packaging can give the illusion of depth and create visually appealing packaging that “pops” when paired with the graphics and colors used on your packaging. 

Using die-cut boxes requires extra time and effort to create unique packages, but the benefits far outweigh the initial resource investment. 

How Are Die-Cut Boxes Made? 

Die-cutting custom packaging sounds overwhelming, but it is relatively simple once you understand the process. A key part of die cutting is creating a dieline. The die-cutting machine will use a digital template or “mold” to cut your design into cardboard. Dielines are also crucial for any packaging embossing or cutouts you want. 

You use dielines to create windows in your packaging that lets consumers peek at the product without seeing the whole thing. Giving customers a peek builds a sense of anticipation and mystery surrounding your products. 

Die-cutting machines rely on rules for different applications. Each rule plays a different role in shaping packaging. Below are four of the most common rules: 

  1. Through-cutting: As the name suggests, through-cutting cuts through the packaging materials. Through-cutting creates the outline and cutouts in the packaging. 
  2. Creasing: This rule establishes a fold line that lets material fold inwards by using the two stress sites created. These parallel stress sites make the packaging more flexible, allowing for the creation of different shapes. 
  3. Scoring: You can limit the depth of cuts with this rule as it doesn’t cut through materials. Scoring creates textures and imprints on packages. It also makes stress points that you can manipulate to create the shape of a box.
  4. Perforating: If you want a specific part of your packaging to tear or be easier to bend, use perforation. Perforation is a line of holes that weaken parts of a package so it can be torn or bent.

Benefits of Custom Die-Cut Boxes

A growing number of brands are embracing the benefits of custom die-cut boxes. The versatility of the die-cutting machine ensures you can get creative with your packaging, improving your brand’s reputation.

the versatitlity of die cut boxes

Here are some of the biggest benefits of custom die-cut packaging: 


Every brand wants to stand out. Custom die-cut boxes provide a fun way for your products to catch consumers’ attention. You can create boxes in many shapes with different embellishments on them. Adding “windows” allows consumers to see your product while they’re still in the box, and embossing your brand logo or other elements can make your brand feel more high quality and high value. 

You can also make your packaging more fun by adding cutouts of different shapes. If you want seasonal packaging, die-cutting offers a convenient way to add holiday-specific shapes and cutouts to your packaging. The best part? Once you have created a dieline, you can reuse it as often as you need. Dielines are also digital so you can update them as often as you want. 

Marketing and Brand Awareness 

Custom die-cut boxes add an extra layer to your marketing efforts. Custom boxes and packaging with your logo and marketing slogans on them deliver your brand messaging at all times. From production to transport and distribution, you can be assured that your product messaging will be visible in many ways. 

Another thing to consider is the social media effect. Consumers are constantly sharing their experiences on social media. Take advantage by creating custom packaging that offers a superior visual and sensory experience. If they are impressed with your packaging, they will share it online, which can create product interest and help your products reach potential new customers and drive sales. 

if you have a range of products, custom packaging can create consistency so that customers recognize your brand anywhere. The colors and design features you use will make your products look consistent and uniform, highlighting your attention to detail and quality. 

Lower Shipping Costs 

Creating custom boxes that fit your products can help you save on additional costs in transport. There is less need for foam packaging pellets, pillow inserts and other protective measures to ensure the safety of your products. You can also ship more products in fewer loads as there is less wasted space in trucks and containers. 

Product Protection 

There are numerous ways custom die-cut packaging can protect products during transport. Specialty and fragile items will have packaging made specifically for their shape and size, which restricts their movements and adds protection during transport and delivery. The type of material you use for your packaging ensures the freshness of your products. It also provides odor and liquid barriers to prevent spills. You can also add safety inserts to the packaging design to improve the safety of products in their packaging. 

Environmental Sustainability 

 Using environmentally friendly materials is just one way to make your packaging more sustainable. Die-cutting works on an array of materials so you can lessen your impact on the earth and consumers are aware of your environmentally conscious approach. Environmental friendliness is key to attracting younger consumers seeking eco-friendly products to match their lifestyles. 

Create Custom Die-Cut Packaging With Custom Boxes Now!

Custom packaging is essential to attracting customers and showing off your products. At Custom Boxes Now, we take your packaging design and make them a reality. Our in-house team of die-cutting experts has nearly 60 years of experience in the box-making industry. Contact our team today for a quote on die-cutting your custom packaging. 

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