Using the Right Size Custom Box for Your Products

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all custom printed box, and yet for some reason many companies are still ordering their shipping packages as if this were the case. The fact of the matter is that using the wrong size or type of box to ship your products can lead to cost inefficiencies and a reduced return on investment. So, are you using the “right size” printed box for your shipped products? After reading the following post and considering the facts, you may very well decide that your packaging scheme could use some serious readjusting.

It’s all about the Right Size
Shipping costs are going up as a result of policy changes at FedEx, UPS, and USPS and simple inflation. For this reason, companies that ship their products to customers should be carefully considering whether they’re using boxes that are appropriate for the size and weight of their goods. If you’re just shipping tee-shirts, for example, you may be better off opting for plastic or paper mailers. If you’re shipping delicate or heavy items, on the other hand, a sturdy corrugated box will be best.

Board Weight Matters Too
If you use boards in your packaging, you may be inadvertently increasing your shipping costs with an unnecessarily thick board. So, can you reduce your board thickness from a C-flute to a B-flute? If you can switch to a thinner board, you will reduce your shipping weight and reduce the amount of space needed to store your boxes.

Don’t Be Fooled by “Free” Boxes
Some companies have attempted to save money with used packaging that at first seems beneficial because it is eco-friendly and, more importantly, free. If it isn’t the right size, though, it’s not going to save you money or do anyone any good. Using a box that’s just a little too big will require more packing material, for example, which will increase the weight (and cost) and defeat the purpose of cutting back on waste.

No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All
While the flat-rate boxes at the United States Postal Service may seem like a good deal, they are actually often not so cost-efficient when you consider the facts. If all of your products weigh a lot, it might be a good way for you to go. But the breakdown of cost inevitably increases as the weight of the product being shipped decreases, so it’s not usually worth it.

Every situation is different. What may be the perfect custom printed box solution for one company or product could also be a horribly inappropriate box for another company or product. It’s most important to carefully consider the size and weight of your products, and remember that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all or “free” shipping box that will properly suit your needs at a low cost. Once you get an idea of the perfect size and type of box for your products’ unique weight and dimensions, you’ll be better prepared to take your shipping scheme to the next level. Are you ready to choose the “right size” shipping boxes for your products?