Take a Cue from Cereal Companies and Get Creative with Unique Cardboard Boxes

Many companies have realized the benefits of using unique cardboard boxes for their packaging, rather than saving time and money on a plain brown box, long ago. Cereal companies are one of the first examples that come to mind. One trip down the cereal aisle provides countless examples of how cereal companies get creative with the design of their cardboard boxes. For many, a trip down the cereal aisle serves as a trip down memory lane, conjuring up some colorful memories from childhood. The thick corrugated boxes used for retail packaging and shipping are manufactured to a much higher standard than the thin fiber folding carton material used for cereal packaging, but we can still learn a great deal from the boxes’ vibrant designs. Here are a few brand-boosting cues to follow.

Fantasy Characters and Fun Cartoons
Many of the most memorable cereal boxes from our childhoods were adorned with cartoon characters that caught kids’ attention and made breakfast a fantastical experience. From Tony the Tiger to Count Chocula to the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, there are countless cartoon characters that have graced cereal boxes for decades. If you feel this sort of fantasy play complements your brand and products, why not integrate a little cartoon fun into your logo and packaging? It could be the biggest boost your brand has ever seen, judging by the success of these cereal brands.

Vibrant Colors and Big Graphics
Cartoon characters living in fantasy worlds aren’t necessarily appropriate for all products, or even all cereals. When cereal manufacturers target adults – who are more likely to be concerned with diet and health – they often use bright colors set against a plain (often white) background with big graphics that zoom in on an image of the cereal. When you can see the details of the product close-up, you may be more likely to trust what you’ll find inside. (And when you’re hungry, those giant oat and nut clusters may be enough to seal the deal!)

Celebrity Endorsements
Wheaties is famous for its celebrity endorsements, which showcase some of the world’s most prestigious athletes in their primes, often fresh off a win in the Olympics or other major international competition. While you may not have this level of celebrity endorsement for your brand, it may be a good idea to incorporate any endorsements you have received from trustworthy sources whom your audiences will likely recognize. This will add credibility to your brand identity and help boost the perceived prestige of your products.

These above examples show how cereal manufacturers use unique cardboard boxes to give their companies more visibility and build brand identity. There’s no reason businesses in other retail industries shouldn’t take a cue from these companies and get creative in their own packaging. While there are major differences between the thin solid fiber cardboard used for cereal boxes and the thick corrugated cardboard used for most high-end retail packaging and shipping boxes, we can all take a cue from the creativity found in the design of cereal boxes. So, are you ready to get creative with your company’s cardboard boxes?

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