Six Reasons To Add Custom Printing To Your Shipping Boxes

Have you ever thought about adding custom print to the boxes you send out? You should. You really, really should.

Why? Well, for starters, here are six extremely good reasons:

1. Brand Promotion

If your brand logo is on the side of a shipping box, just think about how much closer and more immediate that impression is than when they see your logo on a highway billboard or a webpage banner ad. The person who sees that logo is holding it in their hand.

2. Differentiation

Think about receiving a box with high-end custom print on it. It’s smooth. It’s unique. You know what’s in it.

Then think about a brown UPS box. Not as nice, huh? The level of excitement drops dramatically, and so does your customer’s perception of your trustworthiness and professionalism.

3. Technical Information

A box can tell you things the product itself can’t always tell you: ingredients, parts lists, warnings, UPC’s, instructions, product weight, and so on. It’s a proven part of human psychology – the more we know about a product, the more likely we are to buy it again from the same source. Printing your product’s information on a shipping box, therefore, allows customers to know more, and help build customer loyalty.

4. Eco-Friendly Promotion

Custom shipping box printing is also an opportunity to brag that your corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable because your company is green. We help you out with that – all boxes from Custom Boxes Now! are indeed 100% recyclable. It’s yet another way to build brand image and customer loyalty.

5. Re-Order Information

If you want to help your customers place more orders or find more information about your product and company, you can print instructions, website URLs, QR codes, or just about any other information you want onto your shipping boxes. The easier it is to order more stuff, the likelier your customers are to order more stuff.

6. Ease For Retailers

This is for retailers especially: some boxes, such as display shippers, can go directly on a shelf in a retail store. With a custom print job, this will not only cut back on labor costs for the retailer (like the time and energy it takes to remove items from boxes and then straighten and arrange them on shelves), but it will carry branding benefits for both supplier and retailer. The supplier will automatically have their products and their brand image on store shelves with foot and eye traffic brought in by the retail store, and the retailer will benefit by integrating a trusted product’s logo and image with the shopping experience they provide their customers. It’s win-win!

If you’ve got any questions on further benefits of custom printed shipping boxes, please feel free to contact us at Custom Boxes Now! Or use our Custom Box Configurator to order the right shipping boxes for your product needs.