3 Quick Tips to Use Your Logo for Brand Reinforcement

Creating a strong brand through logo design, creative packaging ideas and overall corporate identity is an essential component of retail success. Your brand is more than just the images you use in your advertising and packaging. A company’s brand encompasses every element of corporate image that consumers emotionally perceive when they think of that company. This might include a brand name, mission statement and corporate values, visual aspects that contribute to the brand, and of course, the icon or mark (i.e. logo) that represents the business.

Your company’s logo and any other design elements that you use in your advertising and packaging are perhaps the most important part of the brand identity being communicated to your target audience. A great logo is the first step to creating a brand that will leave a lasting impression on current and potential customers. Whether you are operating an online business, running a small local shop or filling stores with your products nationwide, your logo is an essential aspect of your brand. Here are three quick tips to help you make the most of your logo and leave a lasting impression on consumers:

Keep Your Logo Prominent
When coming up with creative packaging ideas for your products, always make sure the logo is front and center so customers see it right away. Retail spaces also provide an excellent opportunity to keep your logo in the customer’s line of vision with well-positioned product displays. The same goes for online selling efforts. If you’re selling items online or promoting your brand through a company blog, newsletter or any variety of social media channels, make sure the logo is positioned on every webpage so customers will see it at first glance. Web designers often suggest the top left corner, as this is where viewers’ eyes tend to go first when scanning the page.

Reinforce Your Brand with Promotional Products
Placing your logo on product packaging, price tags, displays and storefronts is just the beginning when it comes to brand reinforcement. There are many ways to use your logo to reinforce your company’s brand identity, including a wide range of apparel and promotional merchandise. If you have employees that are visible to customers, you can maximize the impact of your logo by embossing it on their uniforms and/or nametags. Any opportunity to give out useful products such as key chains, pens and water bottles is a chance to promote your brand. This is an especially good tip for public events, conferences and trade shows.

Include Your Logo Every Time You Correspond
Communications with customers, vendors and other parties provide yet another opportunity to maximize the effect of your logo. Everything from business cards and company letterheads to email signatures, marketing templates and presentations should include a prominently placed logo consistent with other aspects of your corporate identity. Even if the correspondence doesn’t include the company name in bold letters, it should always include the logo. This is what people will associate with your brand before they even think about the name—so make the most of it.