Personalized Shipping Boxes for Businesses

You put a ton of time, effort…and money into your business. Your brand is your baby. You’re attached, dedicated and most importantly, invested in its success.

Yes, on some level we’re talking about the obvious here: you are definitely financially invested, but it’s more than that, isn’t it? You are emotionally invested too. You would do just about anything to see your brand not only succeed, but thrive. Just like any parent, you want to set your baby up for success. You want to plant the seeds to let it grow, take off.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of ways you can grow your brand. Some will be trial and error. Some will be misses of epic proportion. But some, if you’re lucky, will knock your brand out of competition park.

We’re talking about personalized shipping boxes for businesses here. 
How can we be so confident in what we’re talking about here? How can we tell you we truly believe: this will be that game changer you’ve been searching for? 50 years in the biz has taught us a few things. But you don’t have to just trust us.

Look, we’re business people just like you. And if you’re like us, this is what grabs your attention. Stats. Facts. Studies. They aren’t subjective and they don’t lie.

So what do we want you to know about personalized shipping boxes for businesses? Check out these 7 stats on branded packaging:

  1. 61% of consumers say: branded packaging is more exciting than the actual product they ordered.
  2. 68% of consumers say: branded packaging makes a brand seem more upscale.
  3. More than 50% of consumers say: they will be loyal and order again from an online brand who ships in above average or premium packaging.
  4. More than ⅔ of consumers say: gift-like packaging has an impact on brand perception.
  5. 44% of consumers say: high-end, branded packaging reinforces that product price was worth it.
  6. 50% of consumers say: they are more likely to recommend a product to friends if it ships in branded packaging .
  7. 40% of consumers say: premium packaging will make them more likely to return, shop and buy again from a retail location.

Build Your Box

Convinced that branding your shipping boxes can make a difference yet? If you answered yes, then check out these ways you can put personalized shipping boxes to work, taking your packaging game (and your revenue) to the next level.

  • Custom sizing. Nothing says custom like packaging that’s a perfect fit for your product.
  • Custom printing. Add your logo, brand colors, brand identifiers and more to your shipping boxes. Look out, world: Brand X is here!
  • Think INSIDE the box. Printing isn’t just for the outside of packaging these days. Remember that stat: more than 50% of consumers will buy again from brands who use premium packaging. Giving customers an exciting, unexpected pop of color on the inside of boxes can really up your brand perception.
  • Box style. Old regular slotted container (RSC) boxes aren’t your only option. Choose from the new subscription-box standard C-series with fold over closure or other specialized designs, perfectly tailored to your brand and product needs.

Personalized shipping boxes for businesses are the latest in a wave of branding concepts that are taking packaging to new levels. Are you ready to step up your packaging game?

Learn more about how Custom Boxes Now can help your brand surge past the competition. Reach out today to see how we can work together to make your custom shipping packaging more than just a box. It will be a box that gets noticed.