Making the Most from Amazon Marketplace Sales with Custom Boxes Now

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and one of the top ten retail stores in the United States, earning a reported near $89 billion in net revenues for fiscal year 2014. The Amazon Marketplace program allows sellers to market their products through the interface for a minimal cost per item or subscription fee per month. Amazon has established guidelines for sellers regarding the packaging and labeling of their Amazon Marketplace shipments. At Custom Boxes Now, we can provide customized boxes specifically designed to comply with all Amazon recommendations and to showcase your products effectively along every step of their journey from your home or business to your buyer’s front door.

Want to know more about how to take advantage of this selling giant’s audience? We break down the guidelines and rules they’ve put in place to ensure you can make the most of the opportunity to sell on Amazon.

Amazon Marketplace Guidelines
To sell your products successfully through the Amazon Marketplace interface, you must agree to abide by their rules and recommendations, including the following:

  • Use appropriately sized and clean packaging for your Amazon Marketplace shipment.  Shipping boxes must be new and free of dust or damage.
  • Boxes should be labeled with the phrase “Your Marketplace Order” in a clear and visible manner.
  • A packing slip should be included with the product.
  • Complete shipping and return addresses are required for these shipments.
  • Metered postage is preferred and can speed delivery times for packages delivered through the U.S. Post Office.

Printed boxes from Custom Boxes Now can ensure that you maintain compliance with all of these Amazon requirements while providing the best possible service for your online clientele.

Building Your Online Business
At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in providing you with cost-effective solutions that deliver both the professional appearance and the practical protection your products need en route to their destinations. This can reduce your overhead costs by limiting the number of replacements required due to damage. Our custom-printed designs can even boost your branding efforts by enhancing your visibility among delivery personnel and others who come into contact with your shipments. This can quickly add up to greater name recognition and increased traffic and sales for your Amazon Marketplace products.

Amazon’s online platform can provide you with a ready-made audience of consumers for your products. By working with Custom Boxes Now to design, fabricate and print boxes to suit all your shipping needs, you can make the most positive impression on your potential customers while ensuring that items arrive at their destinations in optimal condition. This can help you achieve a greater degree of success on and other online retail venues. Using Amazon to promote and sell your product could just be the next step you need to take to get your business to the next level.

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