Custom E-commerce Boxes


For just the second quarter of 2020, e-commerce totaled $211.5 billion in the U.S. When customers buy online with a mobile device or through a computer, their products arrive in a box. With the market growing so fast, having the right, attractive e-commerce boxes for your products can help you stand out.

The Importance of Custom E-commerce Packaging

Quality e-commerce boxes can:

  • Increase brand awareness. Your customized boxes can contain your brand colors, logo and marketing messages, reinforcing your brand.
  • Improve the unboxing experience. E-commerce boxes can create a luxurious experience for customers opening your products. Design your boxes to be unique, so they stand out from the other mail your customers get.
  • Protect your products. Quality e-commerce boxes provide the right level of padding, so your products arrive at their destinations safely, with less breakage, even when you’re shipping over long distances.
  • Reduce shipping costs. Quality boxes are the right size, without too much extra space. This reduces the number of packaging materials you need and can help keep mailing costs reasonable.
  • Keep your brand environmentally friendly. E-commerce boxes can include cardboard made from recycled materials, and the boxes themselves can be recycled, offering you and your customers peace of mind.

Custom Packaging for E-commerce Builds Brand Loyalty

When customers buy a product at a brick-and-mortar store, businesses can use lighting, face-to-face customer service, colors, displays and even scents to create an amazing experience. With e-commerce, your packaging replaces that experience. Online ordering and packaging are the two key moments you have to create an amazing experience so you can build brand loyalty.

Gorgeous, customized boxes for your e-commerce business help your brand in many ways:

  • They make it easy to reorder. You can include reorder information and even promotional offers right on the box graphics, reminding your customers to buy again and making the process easier.
  • They create an amazing experience for customers. Stunning packaging gives your brand a luxury feel. Colorful packages also stand out in a sea of plain brown boxes, helping your brand and logo stand out in post offices, on social media feeds and anywhere your boxes show up.
  • They can encourage customers to share your packaging materials and product. Many influencers and customers share unboxing videos and pictures on social media. If your packaging is unique, customers may be more tempted to share their experiences online, giving you some marketing.
  • They make selling easier. If your e-commerce products are going to stores, you can create boxes that go directly on store shelves with your product, making unboxing and shelving easier for your clients.

Case Studies: E-commerce Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes Now! has worked with many e-commerce providers in different industries, and we have seen the power of attractive boxes in action. Jet, an e-commerce store founded by Marc Lore, used custom printed boxes to set the store apart from other e-commerce giants. Jet boxes feature the company’s logo and colors, and Jet posts stories about the boxes on social media. For example, when customers use the boxes as dollhouses, Jet posts this online.

M.Gemi is another e-commerce business with a deep understanding of the power of custom boxes. M.Gemi works with small leather companies in Italy to create luxury Italian shoes at a lower price than the $2,000 big Italian brands often charge. However, M.Gemi still wants to offer a luxury unboxing experience to customers worldwide. This is why they ship their shoes in custom e-commerce boxes.

Inside the boxes, the shoes are placed in a branded canvas bag with a handwritten card, written directly to the customer. The unboxing experience is meant to mimic the luxury shopping experience, and customers have reacted favorably, with many unveiling their unboxing experience on social media platforms.

Buy E-commerce Boxes Online

If you have an online business and need to ship products, your boxes can help you stand out in a sea of deliveries. Your custom boxes can contain technical information about your products, marketing and branding messages, special offers and reorder information. With e-commerce boxes and today’s printing technology, your imagination is the only limit.

If you want to create stunning e-commerce boxes worthy of your special products, work with Custom Boxes Now. Our decades of experience mean we’ve created custom boxes for everyone, from luxury makeup brands to medical product manufacturers. Our team of designers can work with you no matter the size of your products or your brand needs. Our more than 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the United States helps us create boxes of every size.

Build your box with us today to get a sense of pricing and options or contact our team with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you create memorable e-commerce boxes.

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