How to Choose the Right Shipping Box Styles for Your Holiday Sales

With the holidays fast approaching, retailers new to the online market may be mystified by the multitude of different shipping box styles and all the design possibilities for their upcoming shipments to customers. If you haven’t already figured out which box styles and printing options are best for your products and your marketing and branding goals, it’s time to decide. Here is a simple guide to the basic choices in boxes and printing options so you can better choose what’s right for your wants and needs. The box is the first impression a new customer gets from you – and we all know what they say about first impressions!

Plain Cardboard Boxes
If budget is your primary concern, plain boxes with no printing are always a perfectly valid choice. The most important thing is what’s inside the box, right? So let your products shine and make sure they reach your customers safely in a plain, brown box. You can be sure to not go over-budget, which will allow you to concentrate more on your product development and the way your products are displayed online. If you’re committed to branding your box somehow, consider a high quality printed label or sticker. This is a cost-effective, easy way to add some flair to your box while still keeping the overall cost reasonable.

Boxes with One-Color Direct Printing
If you want to display a logo, holiday emblem or other simple design on the outside of your shipping boxes, this is a suitable option to get your point across beautifully without any unnecessary frills. Typically, one-color printing consists of starting with a white or brown box, and then adding text and/or images printed in a single, bold color, such as black, red, or blue.

Boxes with Two-Color Direct Printing

If a single color won’t do, two-color direct printing may allow you to add your logo without the added costs of high-end printing. Like the other options on this list, this type of printing is available on a wide variety of shipping box styles and can be customized to perfectly represent your brand image in an unforgettable way.

Boxes with High-End Printing
If you are interested in a unique design such as the specialty die-cut boxes, or your packaging design and printing specifications are simply too complex for the other options, then nothing aside from boxes with high-end printing will do. Premium boxes with high-quality, visually stunning ink graphics using multiple colors and hues will leave a long and lasting impression on your customers long after the initial unpackaging experience.

As you can see, there is a wide range of options to choose from in the world of shipping boxes. A package can be much more than just a box to hold a product in – it is part of the consumer experience – so make sure to choose wisely.