Holiday Packaging 101: Make Sure Your Gifts Make It Under The Tree!

In the season of giving, how you ship products is just as important as what’s underneath the ribbons and bows! No one wants to spend hours agonizing over the perfect gift for someone, only to have it arrive in pieces due to faulty shipping and packaging. At Custom Boxes Now, we’ve got you — and your gifts — covered. Read on to learn about how our custom product boxes weather even the most difficult of snowstorms and sleigh rides!

Finding the One
Picking out the right box to ship your items in can make a world of difference, which is why we’ve made sure to offer an array of custom product boxes for you to choose from. We offer everything from the basic Regular Slotted Container, which can hold heavy loads and require packing tape to seal; to One Panel Folders, used to ship books and photographs. No matter what you’re wrapping up, we can provide you with the box needed to make sure it arrives safely. We’ve also written a blog post designed to help you figure out which type of box suits your needs.

Bring In Reinforcements
For heavier gifts, our custom product boxes come in Standard, Strong or Extra Strong. If you’re concerned that what you’re shipping may need some reinforcements, we can add extra cushioning to your boxes to prevent cracks or tears. We also recommend trying the four foot drop test, which will make sure your package can survive even the roughest ride on Santa’s sleigh. When doing the drop test, make sure you’ve taken into consideration the other ways to cushion your purchases: whether by using packing peanuts, newspapers or by using inflatable packaging inserts. We’re even able to help you safely ship food items to your loved ones, whether through using dry ice or, for shorter trips, cold packs.

Add Some Joy!
Just because something is designed to ship safely, doesn’t mean your package has to look boring. To make sure your package looks festive for the holidays, we offer the possibility of colored boxes, lithographic lamination to make sure that your brand’s logo pops and we even use eco-friendly materials. Using either digital or flexographic printing, we make sure that your colorful vision for your boxes comes to life. Whether you’re promoting brand recognition, looking for an eye-catching design or simply want something more fun than the typical brown box, if you can dream it, Custom Boxes Now can make it a reality.

No matter what kind of presents you have up your sleeve for the holiday season, lift the spirits of your clients, friends and family by ordering a custom holiday box from Custom Boxes Now — and send your loved ones some cheer by mail.

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