Edge Crush Tests: Durability Ratings for Your Packaging and Display Needs

Advances in cardboard manufacturing technology now allow the creation of even more durable and versatile packaging options for your company. Corrugated cardboard is a cost-effective choice for all types of product packaging and provides added strength to allow your box to stand up to the shipping process, from manufacturer to retail outlet to home. The edge crush test is used industry-wide to determine the strength and durability of corrugated cardboard and offers a good comparison point for your company in choosing the right materials for your corporate packaging needs.

What Is the Edge Crush Test?
Simply put, the edge crush test measures the ability of corrugated cardboard to resist pressure under controlled conditions. The cardboard is generally formed into a box shape and then compressed slowly to determine when structural integrity begins to suffer. The boxes used for the test are empty and must be configured to meet exact specifications to ensure accuracy and comparability among different products. Test boxes must have the same ratio of height to circumference and must meet minimal standards for structural construction to be measured accurately using these tests.

What Edge Crush Tests Mean for You
Your product packaging can benefit from lightweight yet strong materials to help boxes stand up to the stresses of shipping, setup and display in the retail environment. Choosing a corrugated cardboard package that has a high edge crush test rating can provide greater stability for packaging materials, allowing your fragile items to reach their destinations in optimal condition. Working with an established, experienced company like Custom Boxes Now to produce your cardboard creations will ensure you to get unsurpassed expert guidance on the best-suited materials and construction techniques for your company’s project.

Customized Packaging
Corrugated cardboard packaging solutions can provide added marketing opportunities for your company. Custom printing and distinctive graphics on product packaging can attract consumer attention while ensuring a secure home for your products en route to the retail environment and end users. Boxes and packaging must stand up to day-in and day-out use, making durability a key concern for these items. For online retailers, packaging is even more important, as it makes sense that shipping boxes often take even more abuse on their way to the consumer than products on shelves in a store regularly do. Choosing materials with solid edge crush test rankings can better guarantee that your products shine once they’re in the hands of your consumers.

By working with a professional and experienced cardboard manufacturing firm, your company can create the most durable and attractive solutions for all your packaging needs.

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