Ways to Connect With Your Customers Through Custom Packaging

Ways to Connect With Your Customers Through Custom Packaging

Your packaging is the first thing customers notice about a product. You can optimize your marketing if they appreciate your engaging design choices and the convenient unboxing experience. Your packaging also distinguishes your brand, making it an important first impression.

There are many ways you can customize your boxes, but how can you best target customers using a tool as simple as packaging? Learn how to approach marketing through packaging strategies below:

Why Should You Customize Your Packaging?

You can connect with customers through packaging and increase the quality of your branding with memorable custom packaging. The benefits of customized packaging include:

  • Social media shares: When customers are impressed by the aesthetics of unboxing a product, they will share their experiences on social media, increasing interest in your company. As you receive more reviews with images and videos, your exposure will increase, and prospective customers will find the products more desirable before they order. 
  • Brand promotion and consistency: Even if you sell a variety of products, your custom packaging makes everything look uniform and well-organized. This sends a message that your branding is consistent in quality, and the colors, designs and other features you choose help customers recognize your brand immediately.
  • Better target marketing: If you have gathered a customer profile or demographic range for typical buyers, you can customize your packaging to engage customers by reflecting their values and interests. This customization can make your packaging appeal to the specific people who appreciate your brand, establishing a more personal connection.
  • Added boldness: Your packaging can incorporate your brand’s unique style, including logos, graphics and other printing options. Custom packaging makes a statement.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: One of the greatest benefits of customizing your packaging is that customers get to have a superior sensory and visual experience when they open their items. You can create a good experience for your buyers through the packing materials, design and types of packaging you use.

How to Engage Customers With Custom Packaging?

Now that you know how custom packaging can help you sell more products, how can you engage your customers?

1. Use Custom Shipping Boxes

Consider dressing up your packaging instead of sending your products in plain brown boxes. Customers expect to get what they ordered, but the packaging will come as a pleasant surprise. Custom boxes can:

  • Perfectly fit your products for safer transportation and a better unboxing experience.
  • Incorporate your selected design choices to reflect your brand personality.
  • Provide eco-friendly options for brands that value sustainability.

2. Pack Thank You Notes

Including thank you notes inside your packages is a simple way to create a memorable customer experience. Notes to the customer let them know that you appreciate their business. A few ways to handle thank you notes are:

  • Using postcards or other materials of quality.
  • Writing a short, creative handwritten note directly on the packaging with a marker.
  • Printing an original handwritten note directly from you onto thank you cards.
  • Including coupons and discount codes to promote your other products.
  • Mention your company’s goals, such as any proceeds to charity.

3. Use Stickers

use stickers

Stickers are visually appealing and fun, but they also have several functional uses for packaging beyond increasing the aesthetic value. They can highlight your unique style of branding with the following qualities:

  • They are a creative item to hold tissue paper in place or seal the envelopes to thank you cards. 
  • You can fit custom die-cut stickers to your packaging that are the perfect shape for custom boxes.
  • They can promote your brand through the use of symbolism or logos in the shape, color and design.
  • They can be weather-resistant and durable, depending on your preferences.
  • Many types of stickers are inexpensive, and these items are easy to apply as a finishing touch.

4. Use Poly Mailers and Other Styles of Packaging

Using unique packaging styles can help your products stand out more, even if you are shipping the items. Poly mailers are a good choice for apparel and fashion accessories, but they work well for many types of small products.

These items can also have patterns if you want to use packaging with an interesting look rather than the same gray mailers for every product.

5. Use Custom Tape

Clear packaging tape is the standard for shipping, but you can easily customize it to completely change the way your boxes look. A simple change in the color or design of your tape gives the packaging a fresh, unique appearance. Custom tape comes in many options, and you can use them on the inside of your boxes too.

You can decorate the interior of your packaging and all of its special features with craft tapes that have glitter, floral or fabric effects. Seal your tissue paper or other wrapping materials with tape. Use custom tape to hold your products in place, protecting them during transit.

6. Pack With Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a simple, affordable packaging material that offers an extra layer of protection for your products. This material comes in many colors and styles, so you can easily harmonize your selections with your brand’s color theme. Tissue paper gives customers the feeling of unwrapping a gift on a special day.

You can also add string or ribbon to your tissue paper wrappings as an extra feature to complete the aesthetic of a present. Packing materials like tissue paper and string show that you have put care into your presentation. It’s easy to send your products wrapped in plain, functional materials without a personal touch. Tissue paper adds emotional warmth to the unboxing process that can help customers feel a connection.

7. Promote Your Brand’s Values

Choose packaging that reflects your company’s values and establishes a tangible image with customers. For example:

  • Use eco-friendly packaging materials for products that you market as sustainable or if your company has green values.
  • Choose packages that save space in creative ways to express innovation or to appeal to minimalistic customers.
  • Create a positive image of your brand using color theory when you choose the color patterns for your packaging.
  • Reward customers who shop for luxury items with extra packaging materials or specially designed boxes to reflect the quality of your brand.

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