Custom Shipping Boxes vs. Stock Boxes

custom shipping boxes vs. stock boxes

As of 2020, over 31 million small businesses have developed in the United States. Consumers have steadily proven their support for small and medium businesses, with most continuing to grow their brands even today. A successful startup must attract new customers, promote products to the right audience and build brand loyalty. 

E-commerce businesses especially must make a name for themselves entirely online. Once a consumer has successfully visited your site and made a purchase, the transaction isn’t complete until they receive their package. This factor provides one more opportunity to market your brand and establish a lasting connection — the shipping box.

A well-secured, aesthetically pleasing box provides many benefits aside from getting your product to the customer. When receiving a package, consumers care just as much about the presentation as the actual products themselves. While the choice between custom packaging versus stock packaging may seem trivial, custom shipping boxes will take your business to the next level.

Advantages of Custom Boxes Over Stock-Sized Boxes

When deciding to package products in custom versus stock boxes, most small businesses want to make the best investment. Choose custom shipping containers to complement your products and increase your business’s sustainability and savings over time.

Stock Boxes

Stock-sized boxes are generic packaging conveniently available to everyone at their local carrier location. Because they are bulk manufactured, stock boxes are made in a limited number of sizes and styles. There is no guarantee that your products will fit correctly inside a stock-sized box.

When running your own e-commerce business, you want to avoid gambling on the protection of your products. Shipped items are more likely to get damaged in transit when they’re packaged too tight or too loose. Rather than forcing products to fit a stock-sized container, custom boxes offer a better fit for your most frequently shipped objects. Consider stock boxes when shipping a one-off item for personal reasons instead.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are tailored specifically for your products — from the package’s color to its dimensions. Small businesses can customize their shipping boxes to complement their products and increase brand visibility. Unique box colors and printed designs allow business owners to promote their brand both inside and out.

Supply your small business with custom shipping boxes to better protect your products during transit. Custom containers are shaped precisely for your products, reducing damages and postage costs. Customize the box’s outer dimensions to streamline the unboxing process for consumers.

treat shipping boxes as part of the product

5 Unique Benefits of Custom Boxes

With more small and medium businesses shipping their products globally, custom boxes elevate your brand above the competition. Treat your shipping boxes as part of the product by creating a custom unboxing experience with many benefits.

1. Leverage Expert Retail Knowledge

When you work with a well-established professional box company, you can access a broad range of design options for your custom packaging. Apply current retail trends to create custom shipping boxes that are aesthetically appealing and convenient to use. Experts in structural design can help you choose the right style of shipping boxes for your needs.

Custom design or logo printing can be applied with three primary printing methods — digital, flexographic or litho-laminating. Leverage expert knowledge to ensure you receive the best quality print. An experienced box company can also recommend innovative ways to use custom printing and logos. 

Include warnings, instructions and other product technical information right on the box. Details like bar codes, manufacturing dates and expirations allow certain boxes to go directly onto store shelves after shipping. Make storage more efficient and save time for retailers with a design that’s easy to differentiate.

2. Use Box Space More Efficiently

Custom containers ensure you aren’t wasting box space with inadequate packaging. While stock boxes are only available in a limited number of sizes, custom boxes allow you to specify the exact dimensions needed to fit your products. Work with a professional box company to design containers based on the product details you provide, including images, measurements, existing boxes or the physical products themselves. An experienced designer can even engineer the best solution for your more challenging products.

Custom-sized dimensions optimize your shipments for discount postage services. When you control the box size, you can also influence the shipping cost to accumulate more significant savings over time. Stock sizes run the risk of packaging products inefficiently, leading to higher shipping costs for the wasted space. Custom sizes allow you to trim down any wasted space from the closest available stock-sized box.

3. Increase Product Protection

Because custom boxes are designed to your specifications, products will remain more secure during transit. Stock boxes are more likely to damage your products due to imperfect sizing. Bulk manufacturing typically results in containers that are slightly smaller or larger than needed. Custom-sized packages reduce the risk of product damages and return complaints. 

Small and medium business owners can also incorporate added protections:

  • Preserve products: Certain packaging materials can preserve food freshness and maximize the shelf life of perishable items.
  • Create barriers: For products with a greater risk of spilling in transit, add an odor-proof and waterproof barrier to your custom boxes.
  • Prevent breakage: The right custom packing container can provide additional protection for fragile products, like glass items or electronics.

When you use custom boxes, you require less packing material to protect products. As your small business continues to grow, even the slightest reduction in delivery costs can lead to significant savings down the line.

Your products are unique — ensure they’re shipped safely and efficiently with an equally special custom box.

4. Provide Unique Unboxing Experiences

Utilize various colors, box styles and printed designs to complement your products and evoke more feelings of excitement about your brand. Attractive packaging transforms the unboxing process into something fun and memorable. When you design custom packaging, you are also developing an exclusive experience for your consumers.

Strategically printed boxes enhance the experience of ordering from your brand. Include print on both the outside and inside of your packages to maximize marketing potential. Create a more memorable end-customer experience with personalized messages about current special promotions or holidays. Brands that make the consumer feel like they genuinely care are more likely to increase customer retention and inspire recommendations.

5. Boost Brand Awareness

In the digital world of trends, influencers and social media, unboxing can be both fun and marketable. Many e-commerce businesses use custom packaging as part of their branding strategy. Leverage your customization abilities to design attractive boxes that consumers will want to photograph, share and reuse. This way, small business owners increase their brand’s presence organically.

A professional box company ensures your business’s artwork is optimized for printing so you can engage in new marketing campaigns with a strong, cohesive appearance. Custom designs should differentiate your packages from the rest of the pile. Flaunt your logo design, marketing slogans and brand colors — increase visibility at every step of the delivery process. Customers will be more likely to recognize your brand.

make shipping safe and stylish

Make Shipping Safe and Stylish With Custom Boxes Now!

A custom-sized box with your company’s logo sets a trustworthy first impression. Consumers will appreciate the aesthetic appeal while your business benefits from the added security of properly shaped containers.

Contact us at Custom Boxes Now for help choosing the right shipping boxes for your specific needs. Our experienced designers can recommend box dimensions and printing methods to help craft the ideal unboxing experience. Enjoy a comprehensive range of customization options when you get started with our Custom Box Configurator today!