6 Advantages of Choosing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Any business that manufactures products knows the importance of quality packaging. Whether you’re distributing your products to a retail location or sending them directly to the customer — the box you choose matters even more than you might realize. The packaging is the first glimpse of your brand that a consumer or retailer will receive. It can make the difference between a forgettable customer experience and long-lasting brand loyalty.

Why You Should Use Custom Cardboard Boxes

Within the retail and manufacturing industries, corrugated cardboard boxes are a popular choice. They’re particularly effective when paired with custom options that tell the consumer you’re proud of your brand — without having to break the bank. Discover six advantages of choosing cardboard, and learn how to create custom cardboard boxes for your business with one easy move.

1. Improved Product Safety

Your box choice is the only thing standing between your product and one potentially bumpy ride. Custom cardboard packaging can protect your goods and keep them securely in place during shipping. This includes protecting products from damage caused by any shocks and vibrations as well as keeping them free from dirt and dust on the road. The thick, durable nature of a quality cardboard box provides a tough outer shell, while a customized fit ensures your products will stay put with minimal jostling and movement.

2. Add a Professional Touch

Creating your own cardboard box design comes with plenty of opportunities to get creative. Between colors, printed graphics, marketing messaging and tailored sizes, you can infuse your business’ personality and brand into your packaging in many different ways. Demonstrating this level of effort will enhance your package’s professional quality and lead to an improved customer experience.

You can also use custom packaging to relay helpful information to your customers. Add contact information, point out your latest sales or encourage customers to purchase again with reorder information.

3. Customize Your Size and Shape

A customized fit is one of the most important aspects of product safety. Standardized boxes will likely not fit your product perfectly — your goods may swim in extra room and move around the box, or fit tightly and be difficult to unpack. Either of these problems will detract from the sleek, professional look you’re after. Custom printed cardboard boxes allow you to control the size, shape and materials used for a flawless result.

Build Your Box

4. Cut Your Costs

Cardboard boxes are typically among the most cost-effective packaging options. The raw materials used to fabricate the boxes are generally inexpensive, leading to a much more budget-friendly route than alternative materials. While customization and printing options will increase the price, the results still tend to be highly affordable, particularly for companies who opt to buy their packaging solutions in bulk.

In addition, the lightweight nature of cardboard boxes allows companies to further reduce their shipping costs. Even thick cardboard boxes do not weigh very much, enabling businesses to ship a higher quantity of products for a lower price. The boxes’ low weight makes it easy to handle and transport packages, saving labor costs, energy and time.

5. Stay Sustainable

Custom cardboard packaging tends to be environmentally friendly, allowing companies to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability efforts. Custom Boxes Now, for example, uses corrugated cardboard made from 60-95% post-consumer waste. Our materials are 100% recyclable, allowing companies to use a large number of boxes without harming the environment. Cardboard boxes can also have secondary uses after they’ve accomplished their shipping purpose, allowing for an even higher level of sustainability.

6. Stand Out From the Competition

With the current explosion of online shopping and fast-paced shipping, almost every company must distribute their products to customers far and wide. How can your brand stand out?

High-quality custom designs will give your packaging an extra pop. Whether shipping your products straight to customers’ doorsteps or retail locations, attractive and colorful packaging can reinforce the quality of your brand and increase your odds of being recognized. You may choose to display your company’s logo, color palette, name or promotional tag. No matter how you choose to use custom options, tailoring your boxes will help you sustain a strong brand identity.

Order Custom Cardboard Boxes With One Easy Step

Are you considering incorporating cardboard boxes into your business and distribution model? Custom Boxes Now can help. Our in-house design and manufacturing processes allow us to create and distribute custom-made boxes quickly and reliably. Our team of structural designers is available to work with businesses to ensure you have the quality packaging solutions you need.

Use our Custom Box Configurator to determine the ideal shipping box sizes for your products, and buy your custom cardboard boxes online. If you have any questions, Get in touch with our team directly to learn more!