Custom Colored Boxes & Imprinted Boxes

These custom boxes are printed with one color. We use multiple printing methods, depending on required print quality and budget. Learn more about our box printing capabilities.

For almost 60 years, Custom Boxes Now has used advanced color printing technology to create unique, professional boxes for our clients. Using our custom color packaging, you can add images or logos and tailor each box to your brand. Stand out in a crowd and help customers remember what sets you apart with a custom color box design.

One Color Printed Auto-Locking Box

One color direct print C-series box

Printed Shipping Box - Inside Printing

One color direct flood print on box interior

Corrugated Box Printed with One Color

One color direct print

Black and white one color print box

Die cut, one color direct print on white tuck-top FOL box

Brown Box with Printed Logo

One color direct print on kraft (brown) RSC box

One Color Printed Custom Box

One color direct print on white RSC box

Cardboard Printed Shipping Box

One color direct print on kraft (brown) RSC box

Wood grain direct printed box

One color print on kraft (brown) shipping box

One color reverse print box

One color reverse-out print on white box

One color printed kraft box

One color white print on kraft (brown) box

One color printed RSC box

One color direct print RSC box

Printed Shipping Box - One Color Print on White Box

One color direct print on white box

Benefits of Choosing Custom Colored Boxes

With so many choices available, why choose a colored box instead of a plain shipping box? There are vast advantages of premium colored prints. By giving your packaging some extra pop and professionalism, custom colored boxes can lead to significant business revenue. Colored boxes can:

Help your products stand out: Unique designs and vibrant colors can help your package look and feel different amid a sea of plain stock-size boxes. Plus, using interesting packaging will make your product stand out.

Offer customers a memorable experience: Quality, colored boxes are designed to impress. As customers receive and open your packages, they'll enjoy an experience that's a cut above the norm. By going above and beyond to delight your customers, they can think positively about your business and products.

Expand brand awareness: Customizing your box gives you the ability to add your company's logos, color schemes and graphics to every package. Branding colors can help increase customer recognition by up to 90%. The more familiar and connected a customer feels to your company, the more likely they will return for their next purchase.

Custom Boxes Now Color Printing Capabilities

With the option to design and print custom boxes in full color, Custom Boxes Now offers a unique opportunity to help your company stand out. But we don't stop there — we're committed to providing the utmost versatility and quality so that each package accurately represents the value of the product inside. Our printing capabilities include three primary styles. Each offers a different level of print quality with several available colors:

Flexographic printing: The most basic box printing form, flexographic prints, involves creating printing plates with digital artwork and ink. These are pressed onto cardboard to form custom color corrugated boxes. This printing option is ideal for simple logo designs and colorful artwork. With our own printing plates in-house, customers can quickly and conveniently print a large custom-made order.

Digital printing: This printing style is perfect for box samples and short runs. Instead of using printing plates, digital box printing applies ink directly to the corrugated cardboard. Custom Boxes Now uses advanced printing tools and technology to achieve fast printing and impressive quality, making this process ideal for small or medium runs and packaging that calls for multiple versions.

Lithographic laminating: We can also use litho lamination to print custom colored boxes. This process entails printing artwork on paper, which we apply to the corrugated board. This results in high-quality photo-realistic images in a range of colors.

Create Custom Color Boxes Today

Stand out from the competition and delight your customers by creating your own custom color shipping boxes. The structural design experts at Custom Boxes Now are here to help. With almost 60 years of experience in the box manufacturing business, our team can design, prototype, manufacture, print and deliver your custom boxes with speed and style. Use our online box configurator to build and purchase your boxes instantly.

Want to see more examples of custom boxes we have produced? Visit the Shipping Box Examples category of our blog.

Create colorful custom shipping boxes with the experts at Custom Boxes Now. Use our online box configurator to build and purchase your boxes instantly!

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