Custom Sized Brown, Plain & White Shipping Boxes

Here are some examples of custom shipping boxes with no print. Our structural designers work with products of all shapes and sizes to create an optimal shipping box.

Plain custom box large

White RSC shipping box with no printing

Kraft (brown) FOL end-loading box with no printing

Plain custom box long

Kraft (brown) FOL end-loading box with no printing

Benefits of Choosing Plain Shipping Boxes

Every business has to think about how they want to package and ship their products. One of the first things you must decide is if you want plain or printed boxes, both of which offer their own advantages. While plain shipping boxes may not be the flashiest choice, they can benefit businesses — and the environment — in several ways:

Save cost: Plain kraft boxes are the most basic form of corrugated packaging. You'll get the sturdy, lightweight perks of a corrugated container without the added cost of printing. If your business is on a budget, plain will help you meet your bottom line and goals while getting the job done.

Stay natural: Basic kraft boxes don't need to be printed or processed — they're all-natural. In the case of Custom Boxes Now, our plain corrugated boxes feature wood and paper pulp for the ultimate renewable resource.

Go green: We make plain shipping boxes from the greenest packaging material possible. Crafted with a high percentage of recycled material and post-consumer cardboard waste, sticking with a plain box can further contribute to your business's sustainability efforts.

Perfect size: Just because you aren't adding print to your box, doesn't mean it won't be sized perfectly for your products. We often produce custom sized boxes without print to best protect items during shipping, without the need for void fill or other interior protection.

When to Choose a White Shipping Box

When you think "plain," you might immediately picture the classic look of a brown kraft box. However, at Custom Boxes Now, you can also find a print-free white box, with many of the same perks as our brown variety. Plain white shipping boxes are popular because they provide some extra pop and enhance any package's clean, professional look.
This appearance might be particularly advantageous if your company is working in an industry, such as food or health products, where a clean-cut look is preferred. Keep in mind that depending on the journey they will take, white boxes may look more scuffed than a classic brown package.

Explore a Variety of Plain Shipping Boxes for Sale

Custom Boxes Now offers a range of plain shipping boxes for retailers to choose from. Each of our plain options comes with no printing for the most natural and environmentally friendly option on the market. Our popular styles include:

Kraft (brown) RSC (regular slotted container) shipping box: The RSC box is ideal for both shipping and storage, with easy-assembly flaps and a sturdy center close.

White RSC shipping box: We also offer a customizable RSC made with clean, white corrugated board.

Kraft (brown) FOL (full overlap) end-loading box: The plain full overlap end-loading box features flaps that extend and overlap with the opposite side of the box. Customize your box to include flaps on the top, bottom or both.

Where Can You Buy Plain Shipping Boxes?

Are you wondering where to buy plain shipping boxes? Custom Boxes Now has your solution. Our selection of plain brown Kraft and white boxes provides cost-effective and all-natural options for companies with regular shipping needs. Tailor every aspect of your boxes — including the width, length and height — to ensure your packaging is the perfect fit for your products.

Shop Plain Shipping Boxes at Custom Boxes Now

Custom Boxes Now has been creating and supplying one-of-a-kind packaging for more than 60 years. We work closely with businesses across the country to ensure you have reliable, cost-effective options for all your packaging needs.
If a plain shipping box is what you're after, we've got you covered. Our team of more than 60 structural designers works entirely in-house to keep the process running smoothly. We keep a close eye on production timelines, cost and quality to make sure you're getting the best boxes right on schedule.

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