How to Improve Relationships With Your Customers

improving relationships with customers

Are you interested in using relationship marketing to retain customers? Sustaining a business requires keeping your customers interested, but building relationships with clients is a complex task. You’ll need usable strategies for maintaining good customer relationships. Although relationship marketing takes time and effort, it’s one of the best measures you can take if you want to keep your customers coming back for more.

The Importance of Building Customer Relationships 

Today’s consumers often reevaluate their relationships with brands. Impressing your customers with expert relationship marketing can make a huge difference for your business, boosting long-term revenue and creating stronger brand awareness. Here are some of the reasons positive customer relationships are so vital: 

  • Allows you to retain customers: Relationship marketing is one of the most effective ways to retain customers. While new customer acquisition is exciting, it’s also expensive and resource-intensive. Retaining previous customers is a much more cost- and time-effective way to build steady streams of revenue.
  • Increases customer lifetime value: A customer’s lifetime value is how much revenue each customer generates over the course of your business relationship. Keeping your customers satisfied with great service and relationship-building techniques will increase each customer’s lifetime value. 
  • Boosts word-of-mouth marketing: Another benefit of relationship marketing is that it generates brand advocates — previous customers who have good things to say about your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is a no-cost way to earn more sales. 

How to Enhance Customer Relationships

If you’re wondering how to improve your relationship marketing, following best practices will help you do so effectively. Here are 12 things you should do to strengthen your customer relationships — with both new and retained customers.

1. Make Clients Feel Important 

Treat all new customers equally, especially if you do business online. The nature of the internet makes it tough to tell who will spend more over a longer period of time. Making assumptions might cause you to focus your efforts in the wrong places. Clients love to feel important and valued — nurture all new clients as if they were gold. Chances are, your efforts will pay off. Once someone proves their value as a customer, you can foster an ongoing relationship. 

2. Make It as Easy as Possible

Make the process to become and stay a customer as easy as possible. Huge barriers, like long online forms or automated phone systems, decrease the likelihood of repeat business. Remove these barriers so customers feel it’s convenient and easy to connect with you. 

3. Keep a Customer Scorebook

Once you have a working relationship with a new client or customer, break them up into categories by the frequency and monetary value of their purchases. Doing so can help you decide which customers to focus on with your relationship marketing program. You can further categorize customers based on their behaviors, needs and preferences.

4. Make It Personal

Personalizing the experience for your loyal customers will let them know how much you appreciate them. There are many ways to personalize your relationships. You could offer advice or customize your packaging for customer needs and preferences. Consumers feel a sense of loyalty to those who value them. Showing them you know and understand their needs proves to them you care.

5. Show Them You Notice

Customers who stick around should feel appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty, not like they’re second-fiddle to the newbies. Long-time customers deserve special treatment, extra services and the occasional discount. Consider offering limited-time free shipping or upgraded printing. Or create a  “refer-a-friend” loyalty reward program as a “thank you” to your customers.

6. Spark a Conversation

One of the easiest ways to build relationships with and retain customers is to maintain an ongoing conversation with them. Ask customers what they want and show them you’re eager to listen to their concerns. Utilizing social media channels is a great way to foster this engagement.

7. Start at the Beginning

You’re more likely to retain a customer if you initiate a relationship program with them as soon as they become a customer. So if you’re starting a new program, your efforts will pay off more with new customers.

8. Ask for Feedback 

Provide space for feedback and learn to accept and utilize criticism. Listen to your clients, especially your repeat clients. They’ll help you recognize and learn from your mistakes, which will benefit your company in the long run. When you make a mistake, offer an apology and a solution. Be open to checking and responding to your reviews to show you’re engaged, and further that engagement on social media or via email, where you can also ask for feedback.

put yourself in your client's shoes

9. Anticipate Needs 

Try to think from your client’s perspective. What problem are you solving? What might be the customer’s follow-up needs after buying your product or service? Putting yourself in your client’s shoes will allow you to anticipate their needs. The ability to solve both present and future issues for your clients will help you build a stronger relationship now and in the future. 

For instance, a baker who sells wedding cakes might also sell serving knives or cake toppers. By anticipating their customer’s needs, they can foster a stronger and longer-term relationship while increasing the revenue they earn from each customer. 

10. Always Be Transparent 

While you might be able to squeeze a few extra dollars out of a transaction with misleading terms, it’s also a fast way to lose customer loyalty. Always be transparent — include clear, easy-to-understand conditions in your contracts. Be upfront and concise when answering customer questions. Consumers appreciate honesty in a business — 94% of customers in a study said they’d be repeat customers if a business practiced transparency. 

11. Show Your Appreciation 

A simple, thoughtful “thank you” can go a long way. Including an authentic and personalized sign of your appreciation can help you retain customers. A quick “thank you for choosing us” note shows customers how important they are to you. You can keep it simple and sweet, and it’ll do the trick. 

12. Create a Customized Experience 

Interacting with your business should be a unique experience for your consumers — a customized experience will make your brand memorable. Every step of doing business with you should be exciting and novel, from browsing your product selection to placing an order and receiving a product. In the age of e-commerce, every detail is too important to overlook. 

The look and feel of your shipping boxes should contribute to your customized brand experience. Personalized shipping boxes present multiple opportunities. They give you the chance to build brand awareness during the entire transit process, letting you show off your logo, color scheme and branded images. 

Choosing custom boxes also puts your best foot forward with the consumer. You can choose a box style best suited to showcase your products — presentation is important. You can also pick a custom size and box strength to ensure your items make it to the consumer undamaged. While you can’t control every aspect of the product shipping process, custom boxes can help you preserve your merchandise and keep your customers happy.

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Forming and maintaining positive customer relationships has a marked impact on a business’s ability to succeed. Doing so will help you retain customers, earn more revenue from each customer and boost your word-of-mouth marketing. A few best practices will yield the strongest results. 

Ensure each customer feels important, make it as easy as possible to work with you and always reward customer loyalty. You should also pay close attention to your customers — ask them for feedback, anticipate their needs and keep a conversation going. 

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