Top Beauty Subscription Boxes Taking Online Retail by Storm

With luxurious product offerings, new varieties each month, exclusive deals and custom product packaging to set each retailer apart, the new generation of beauty subscription boxes are taking the online retail world by storm. It starts with a subscription (typically $10-$20 a month), and from there retailers find new products to serve you each month. The final step is a creative packaging job that creates a unique and consistent brand experience every time. These boxes-of-the-month do much more than just deliver a random grab-bag of samples to your door – they target the specific types of products you’re interested in. That way you know you’re going to like what you get. And sometimes, you’ll even fall in love with what you get and find your new must-have beauty products.

There are so many to choose from that it can get hard to keep track, but even in a sea of competing beauty subscription boxes a few have been doing noticeably well. Here are four of the top brands that have been getting a lot of traction for their ability to capture audiences from the moment that beautifully packaged box hits their doorstep:

This popular $10/month subscription provides members with a simple, but unique packaged box containing five beauty and/or lifestyle products from specialty makers such as Amika, Benefit, Deborah Lippman and Stila delivered each month. Members fill out an online survey to help the retailer choose which products suit their preferences and lifestyle, and earn points (and discounts) every time they decide to purchase a full-size version of one of the products they’ve tried.

The “myglam” subscription is more than just a customized box of beauty samples from makers such as Jose Maran, Kiehl’s, Urban Decay and Yes To that are chosen based on your answers to an online quiz. This box is all about custom product packaging. In addition to your beauty box, you also get a cute and collectible cosmetics bag to hold all your favorites in, for only $10 a month.Beauty Bar Sample Society
This $15/month subscription service is brought to you by the beauty experts at Allure, and has combined discount shopping with the monthly sample box for an “alluring” retail experience! Subscription members are greeted each month with a classy and uniquely designed box filled with five samples as well as a code for $15 off a $50 purchase from Beauty Bar, as long as you purchase a full-size version of one of the deluxe-sized samples you received. Part of the custom packaging for each monthly delivery is a miniature magazine (also brought to you by the people at Allure).Julep Maven
This beauty subscription box is designed just for nail polish lovers, and arrives in a fun purple box. For under $20 a month, subscribers are treated to a variety of colors and an assortment of other cosmetics and beauty products tailored to each customer’s unique preferences. Not only does each subscriber fill out a style profile; they also receive a preview of each upcoming box for the following month to decide whether they want to receive their selected box, send their box to a friend, try a different box or skip it altogether that month.