Getting ready to move to a new house or apartment is an exciting time but it can also be stressful. Packing everything up and making sure your new place is all set is a lot of work and takes a considerable amount of time. The following tips will help you with packing all of your belongings and getting ready for the big moving day.

Small Appliances

  • Group kitchen appliances and other small household appliances together and pack them two to three to a box.
  • Make sure the bottom of you box is taped securely and pad the bottom of the box with newspaper or sheets and towels.
  • Place the appliances in the box and pack all around them with material such as newspaper or packing peanuts.
  • Put another layer of packing material on top of the appliances, then seal and mark the box.

Big Appliances:

Washing Machines

  • Drain all of the water out of your washer. If at all possible take the washer outdoors and tip it sideways to empty and remaining water from the hoses. Be sure to completely dry the interior of the washer with a towel.
  • Take off all fittings and accessories and place them in a bag together.
  • Stuff some towels between the tub and the washing machine sides to keep the tub from spinning.
  • Fill the basket with dry clothes, sheets, and stuffed animals. (You can also include a box of baking soda to prevent mildew)
  • Tape down the lid and the electrical cord and then tie or tape a large pad around the outside of the washer.


  • Disconnect the hose from the back of the dryer and from the exhaust duct in the wall and place the hose inside the dryer.
  • Tape down the lint screen, dryer door, and the electrical cord and tie a large pad around the dryer.


  • At least one day before moving empty out and defrost the fridge.
  • Empty the drainage pan underneath the fridge and drain out the automatic ice maker.
  • Wrap all shelves and tape them together.
  • Tape down any loose parts including drawers, doors, and the electrical cord.
  • Tape a large pad around the outside of the refrigerator.


  • Clean the stove top and inside of the oven.
  • Remove all oven racks and tape together.
  • Tape down the burners.
  • Tape the electrical cord to the stove door and then tape a pad around the outside.


  • Make sure all dishes are removed.
  • Tape down the silverware basket and the racks.
  • Refer to your owner’s manual and drain the water hookup.
  • Close the door and tape it shut.
  • Tape the hose and cord to the dishwasher.

Air Conditioners

  • Remove the filter and clean it.
  • Tape the power cord to the side of the air conditioner.
  • Place in a well padded box.


  • Place a few pieces of tape across the front of the mirror, this will keep the pieces in place if the glass breaks.
  • Wrap the mirror in newspaper or bubble wrap and tape it.
  • Place in a flat box and mark as fragile.


  • Take apart the bed frame and mark the pieces so you know how they go together later on.
  • Tape all screws and bolts and place in a plastic bag and tape to the frame.
  • Tape large pads around the foot and headboards.
  • Cover the mattress with a plastic cover.


  • Wrap the arms of chairs with bubble wrap or newspaper and tape.
  • If you have slipcovers leave them on or cover the chairs with large sheets followed by furniture pads.


  • Hang clothes from the closets in wardrobe boxes.
  • Pack clothes from dressers in boxes so they are easier to move.


  • First be sure to back up all the files on your computer in case there is a problem hooking it back up.
  • Pack all discs in a separate box away from anything magnetic.
  • Bundle together cables and wires and if possible color code them.
  • Place each computer component in a plastic bag to keep out any dust.
  • Place a foam form around each piece of your computer and place in a box.
  • Fill the box with packing peanuts and tape shut.
  • Be sure to mark the boxes fragile.


  • Wrap each item separately with newspaper or bubble wrap and tape.
  • Put a layer of packing peanuts or wadded up newspapers in the bottom of the box.
  • Place all wrapped items in the box.
  • Put a layer of packing peanuts or wadded up newspaper on top and tape box closed.

Kitchen Items (Dishes, Cookware, Linens)

  • Place dishes and bowls in a box, layering with bubble wrap or newspaper in between.
  • Fill the rest of the box with wadded up newspaper.
  • Tape the box and mark as fragile.

Kids’ Stuff

  • If your kids are small, pack their room last as this will make the transition go more smoothly.
  • Give older kids advanced time to pack up.
  • While kids are packing try to get them to think of any things they may want to get rid of and where they might want things in their new room.
  • Have the kids help you seal and label the boxes if they are old enough.

Lawn Furniture

  • First hose down and clean off all lawn furniture.
  • Disassemble small parts and place them in bags together.
  • If any of your furniture is glass wrap it in bubble wrap and place in a flat box.


  • Unplug and clean the tv.
  • Lay the tv on its side and slide on foam forms. (If you don’t have the original box and foam forms you can purchase similar items at a shipping store)
  • Slide the television into the box and tape shut.

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