Stop! Recycle Those Boxes

Do you only have one garbage can in your house? If you do, it’s possible that you don’t know much about recycling. When you recycle, you can help the planet. There are a limited number of resources and when you recycle, it makes them last longer. It also cuts back the amount of garbage there is. Chances are if you have ever driven by a dump, you certainly noticed.

The more garbage there is, the more dumps there will be in the future. If you click around, you can learn exactly what recycling is, how to recycle, and play fun games in the process. There are definitely fun ways to recycle. Check it out!

Games and Activities to Learn and Play

  • Welcome to Recycle City! This kid friendly site from the EPA has games, activities, and fun facts to show you why recycling is so important.
  • Soil Composting Activity This fun activity can show you how to make fertile soil out of things you would find in a trash can. Fertile soil helps plants grow and can provide food for lots of people.
  • Sort Mania Game This game by the Enviromental Protection Agency that will show you how to sort and recycle.
  • Planet Protectors Club Check out how you can be a member of the Planet Protectors Club for Kids! It involves fun games and activities.
  • Yucky Worm World Check out the yuckiest site on the internet and how worms are professional recyclers.
  • Eek! Recycling & Beyond Watch videos, play games, turn trash to treasure, and see how fun Recycler-opoly is.
  • Paper University Can you get your diploma at the University of Paper? Don’t forget to click the Fortune Teller for fun paper facts.
  • Clean Up This Polluted City When you enter this city, you will see that it is a dirty and polluted place. Maybe there is something you can do to help!
  • The Imagination Factory At the imagination factory, you can be creative and make art from garbage. Creating art is another, awesome way to recycle.
  • Ecology Kid’s Page This website will show you why waste reduction is important. And of course there are cool games to help you learn.
  • Ollie’s World Click on the kid’s collection and join Ollie’s Club. Meet his friends, hang out on his island, and help him save the planet.
  • Recycle Roundup The National Geographic has created this amazing game to help you recycle. Do you have two minutes to spare?
  • Recycle Works Kids Connect the paper chain, learn when trash is really trash, and play more recycle games.
  • Kid’s Recycling Zone Learn an awesome magic trick, sort out the truths, and train to be a super hero.
  • Meet the Greens Green fashion, green garbage, green games, and a green planet!
  • National Wildlife Federation for Kids Recycling helps the planet and all the animals that live here. See how you can help make the Earth a better place for everyone.

Learn More Fun Facts

  • Recycling This site will tell you interesting facts about recycling and then you can test your knowledge with these fun quizzes.
  • Hey! Don’t Throw That Out! Read what Dr. Watts and Dr. Edwards have to say about recycling.
  • The Green Squad First you get to meet the squad. Then learn if your school is doing its part. Take an interactive tour. And encourage your school to do more.
  • Kids Recycle Your school can become a Zero Waste School and you can help. There is a section for teachers, too!
  • Green Planet 4 Kids Meet a family that recycles. They are not exactly what you think. Plus, you might find a section full of comics.
  • NIEHS Kids’ Pages Do you know what the 3R’s are? Check if you’re right.
  • Wonderful World of Waste Check out five fun steps to making waste go away in an Earth-friendly way.
  • Eeko World by PBS Do you know what the world health is today? Listen to silly jokes told by a monkey. And, see what the future looks like.
  • Natural Resources Kid’s Page This page gets to the point. Learn what you need to know now!
  • Recycling Facts & Trivia When was the first piece of recycled paper made? What are tin cans really made of? How long can a 100-watt light bulb work from recycling one glass bottle?
  • Kids Booklets to Recycling Check out 8 recipes for reuse and other many other activities
  • The Rotten Truth about Garbage Follow the arrows through this website and discover what garbabe is, how to recycle naturally, and making choices.
  • Commonly Recycled Materials Have you ever seen those little recyclable symbols and wondered what they mean? Click here and find out.

Organizations To Become a Recycling Member

  • Roscoe’s Recycle Room Come and meet my friend Roscoe! He is really excited about recycling. Click here to find out why.
  • Keep America Beautiful Kid’s Zone This KAB is an important organization that works very hard to keep the world we live in beautiful. Check out how.
  • Kids Ecology Corps Become a real member of this club that is dedicated to protecting the environment. Kids can make a difference.

Learn About Saving Energy

  • Kids Saving Energy Learn to Save energy from Tinkerbell and her friends! Learn how to make your house more energy efficient, play games, and discover what renerable energy is.
  • Energy Kids Energy is an important part of recycling. This site can tell you how.

Arts and Crafts from Things Around the House