Show Your Inner Beauty: 3 Ways To Brand The Interior of Your Shipping Boxes

When it comes to customizing your packaging, it’s what’s inside that counts—and we’re not just talking about your products. Sometimes, people are so focused on the design of the exterior of their boxes, they overlook the huge opportunity that the interior can offer. Missing the possibility to unexpectedly wow your customers throughout their entire unwrapping experience, all the way from the outside in, can cause otherwise fabulous packaging to end in a bit of a lackluster experience. Double your product’s impact by checking out our tips on how to make the inside of your branded shipping boxes really shine.

#1: Go Bold
With the trend of unboxing videos, Instagram photos and tweets on the rise, the inside of your custom branded shipping boxes could potentially be seen by a lot more than just the person you shipped your products to. Act accordingly.

  • Print a fun design in your brand’s colors
  • Try a funkier take on your logo
  • Use a multi-colored, daring print that will stand out even on a grainy cell phone video (since we all know that’s how most Snapchat videos turn out)

If you’re nervous about it looking too wild, you could always choose a single, solid color for an extra dose of sleek.

#2: Spell It Out
If a bolder print just doesn’t fit with what you’re selling, or if your company’s brand image is a bit more basic, you can still create interior packaging that really stands out. You should think of your shipping boxes’ interiors as prime real estate. Why not print one of the following on the inside of your boxes?

  • Your logo
  • Detailed instructions on how to use your product
  • A glowing customer review
  • A recipe or suggested wine to pair with a food or beverage item

You could also include your company’s mission statement, a note from your founders or even a simple “thank you!” The interior of a shipping box is a great place to play around with font or to stray slightly from your standard colors and prints.

#3: Make It Personal
Especially when you’re shipping a product, and you don’t have the chance for a face-to face interaction with a client, taking the extra step to personalize your packaging can make all the difference. It may take a bit of extra work to print your client’s name on the interior of your shipping box, but trust us, it will pay off in the long run. Show your appreciation for your customers by paying attention to detail. That’s what keeps customers coming back.

Don’t neglect the interior of your shipping boxes. Instead, use the space to tell clients more about your company, express your appreciation or make a colorful statement. Keep in mind that one unboxing video from a popular YouTube user or prominent fashion blogger is all it takes—so even though a personal touch like this may seem like a lot of extra effort, it’s well worth it to set yourself apart from your competitors.