Recycling Project: Cardboard Planters & Flower Pots

If your family is less interested in cardboard airplanes and more interested in outdoor gardening, don’t worry – you can still use those old cardboard boxes. Did you know cardboard boxes make excellent biodegradable planters & flower pots? Or did you know kraft paper that makes up cardboard is an excellent material for composting?

Other advantages to planting in cardboard prior to planting in the ground is that the boxes actually function as a weed barrier. Or, if you’re hoping to get some nice even areas to section your gardens, boxes will do just the trick.

There are a dozen gardening websites all around the web that can tell you the best ways to garden with cardboard boxes. A couple of our favorites are here:

How to Plant in a Cardboard Box (

Of course, before you use them as planters, you’ll want those boxes for your business purposes. Custom Boxes Now! can get you started with that.