Profile of a Custom Product Packaging Project that was a Sweet and Spicy Success

When it comes to custom product packaging, there’s just no telling what the team at Custom Boxes Now can do with their creative abilities when given the opportunity to work with a client that’s open to new ideas. The project completed for Vermont Maple Sriracha, which you can find online at, is one example of the firm’s creative design wheelhouse. This sweet and spicy product needed unique and attention-grabbing packaging to match its flavor and flare, and the finished product accomplished just that. Keep reading to learn more.

About the Client: Vermont Maple Sriracha
Vermont Maple Sriracha was founded by owners “Big Lenny” of Big Lenny’s Hot Dogs in Rutland, Vermont, and Jackson Whelan, who brings his web design skills to the business. Both men are longtime fans of sriracha sauce, the spicy chili paste originated in eastern Thailand and made from peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar, and garlic. And, being Vermont locals, they are both fans of locally produced maple products. When Jackson Whelan started realizing the sulfite preservatives in traditional sriracha sauce were making him sick, he enlisted Big Lenny to help create a new type of sriracha: one using Vermont maple syrup to create a new sweet and spicy taste!

Engaging with the Challenges of a Unique Product
Jackson Whelan came to Custom Boxes Now with a question that led to a budding client relationship. At first, he wanted to know more about the price calculator and the print plate price for custom designed boxes that would fit 12 bottles each of their Vermont Maple Sriracha. He needed these boxes to be big enough to ship a 12-qty batch of his product, with one-color direct print showing his logo and product info, including barcodes.

Custom Product Packaging for Vermont Maple Sriracha
To meet the client’s needs, the team at Custom Boxes Now gathered Whelan’s specs through phone calls and emails, and supplied him with a formal quote for a quantity of 1,500 boxes (with shipping costs estimated separately). Once they sent him a sample of the boxes with their unique logo – which displays an elegant image of a Vermont maple tree with chili peppers hanging from the lower branches and tastefully branded text below – he quickly approved the project. Within two weeks of the client’s initial contact with Custom Boxes Now, he had the finished boxes on hand and ready to fill with product and ship to customers. Made from durable corrugated cardboard, these boxes more than fulfilled the needs of the team at Vermont Maple Sriracha and their hungry customers.

This is just one example of how quickly, efficiently, and (most importantly) creatively the team at Custom Boxes Now can design and produce a custom product packaging project. Considering that it was three weeks from first contact to order fulfillment, most would consider this a success story. With the right boxes, after all, a product like this can sell itself and do its own marketing as it goes from the manufacturer to the customer’s door.

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