Practical Recycling: Three Cardboard Playhouses to Brighten Your Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, finding creative ways to recycle and reuse corrugated shipping boxes can help you enjoy green-friendly living while adding to your enjoyment at home. Durable cardboard can form the basis for a number of creative and fun playhouse projects that can keep younger children entertained for hours of fun. Here are three of the best ways to reuse shipping boxes for the younger members of your family.

#1. Spaceship
Large round boxes like those used for hats and cakes can serve as the top of a stylish spaceship. The foundation should be a box large enough for your child to sit in comfortably. Construction paper and smaller boxes can be used to create control panels and seating inside. For the finishing touch, add a cone made of light cardboard or construction paper to create the nose of the spaceship. Bright tempera paints can make this a homemade project your child will remember for years to come.

#2. Castle
Ideal for the little princes and princesses in your house, a castle is easy to construct from larger corrugated shipping boxes. Taping together multiple boxes or using large boxes can create a space large enough for younger children to stand up. Turrets, walls and other features can be fashioned from spare pieces of cardboard, and doors can be carefully cut out and installed using duct tape for hinges. Don’t forget to decorate the inside and outside with paints and construction paper to create the perfect medieval playhouse for your children.

#3. Farm
For the pint-sized animal lovers in your house, a farm populated by stuffed animals can provide many hours of educational entertainment. The actual barn is easy to construct from three or more large boxes. At least one box can be used to construct the walls of the structure; the other boxes will be used to build the roof and to provide height for the barn. Additional boxes will serve as fences for the pens. Troughs can be filled with shredded construction paper to feed the stuffed animals. This can serve as an early introduction to farm life for younger children and a delightful way to use excess cardboard boxes during the holiday season.

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