Passé to Vogue: When to Redesign Your Product Packaging

Have your sales been in a slump for a while? Have you redesigned your store layout or website, beefed up your social media presence and created loyalty plans—but you’re still not seeing the kind of uptick in sales and subscriptions that you need? It might be time to consider that what’s holding you back isn’t your products, it’s your packaging. If you haven’t re-evaluated your packaging in a while, it’s time to have a serious conversation about the benefits of redesigning how you package your products.

A lot of thought goes into packaging redesign…like, how do you know when to make a change? And, if your packaging is current, should you switch things up with the seasons or upcoming holidays, or to highlight special store events and sales? Let’s take a look at when it’s time for a package redesign.

Why Product Packaging Is Important
Believe it or not, a packaging overhaul isn’t always just about staying with the trends and the times. It’s also about best supporting and shipping newer products. Things you manufactured five, or even two, years ago, might have been safe and sound in your old packaging, but with the increase in tech products, you may find you need more cushioning in your packaging. Plus, never forget the importance of social media. For everything you ship, chances are, someone is going to snap a photo and upload it to Instagram or Facebook. Why change packaging design? So that everyone going through your company’s hashtag doesn’t see the same thing post after post. Create an element of surprise in your design: offer multiple packaging options, frequently update your boxes and include a small surprise to garner not just followers, but also brand loyalty.

‘Tis The Season
Don’t be afraid to play into the holiday spirit! Not only will customers love it, it also keeps them guessing, especially if you highlight more minor holidays. For ones’ big days like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, sometimes a simple color change (like running your exact packaging and logo in red or green) can pack a big punch! Just make sure you offer multiple packaging options for the many different religious holidays that come throughout the year. The same goes for your major sales. Customers who might not normally be able to afford your products have their chance to get in on the action. Don’t diminish their experience by “going cheap” on their packaging. Show that you value every customer by keeping the quality and material consistent with your brand, and celebrate your sale by making boxes extra-festive or hiring a local artist to create something truly unique for your special event. It’s all about hype.

Let Me Upgrade You
When you’re heading into a total brand overhaul, make sure you update your packaging accordingly. It’s a great and simple way to let longtime customers, especially those who tend to order the same thing time and again, know you’ve made a change. It can convince them to log on or visit your store to see what kind of new ranges and products you’ve added—and potentially encourage them to increase their orders. If you’ve recently rebranded, don’t forget to keep packaging new, fresh and consistent.

This summer, take a second look at your packaging and shipping boxes to get you out of that pesky slump. If you’re still stuck on what you’re looking for, but know it’s time for a change, contact us today. We can help you find packaging that your target market will fall in love with while making sure your products arrive safely on your customers’ doorsteps.