Not Your Grandmother’s Boxed Wine

Boxed wine has long been thought of as a product only for those who aren’t especially concerned with achieving master sommelier status. But, for those more interested in wines better known for their price points than their top notes, boxed wine can be the perfect solution. And today, as boxed wine becomes more and more trendy to those embracing the “shabby chic” look and an environmentally conscious attitude, boxed wine is poised to make a serious mark on the industry. Whether you’re a wine company or just a fan of creative packaging ideas, there are many reasons to consider making the swap from bottle to box.

The Real Reason For The Savings
Aside from the convenience fact that boxed wine is easier to transport and store (most people would rather not have to lug four bottles of wine, the equivalent of a box of wine, around in their trunks and up their driveway), there are cost benefits to boxed wine too. Yes, it’s true boxed wine is generally a better bang for your buck — but contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the result of the quality of the grapes. In large part, boxed wine is cheaper because its product boxes can be made from recyclable materials, which are most times much less expensive than four individual glass bottles. Consumers today are coming around the fact that boxed wine is often just as good (if not better) as the $11-$12 bottles you see lining the shelves. It just makes more economic and environmental sense. Drinking boxed wine is far from passé — in fact, it’s simply the trendy thing to do. Side note…check out our past blogs to see how you can reuse and remake your customized boxes and packaging into new crafts, signs, toys and more.

A New Canvas
If you’re a wine company, chances are you’ve spent hours agonizing over your label. You have a limited amount of space on a glass bottle, and you may have found yourself sacrificing your design ideas or wishing you could include the back story of the wine company or even suggestions of food pairings. Fortunately, boxed wine packaging offers prime real estate for just about as much information as you could possibly want to include about your product. You have the space for pictures of the vineyards you get your grapes from, the founders of the company, what dishes are best to serve with the wine, a description of what the wine tastes like and anything else you could imagine. There’s no reason to confine yourself to only what fits on the label.

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