New Year, New Habits: Recycling

If you’re still looking for a New Year’s Resolution you can actually keep, please join in our challenge to recycle more than ever before! Whether you’re interested in repurposing shipping boxes or custom product packaging, it’s never been easier to make a positive impact that the whole family can join in together. So if you want to make something creative out of old cardboard boxes left over from Christmas morning, or you’re wondering how to possibly recycle customized packaging, we’ve got you covered!

Give Back Across The Board
If you’re a retailer yourself, why not offer a 5-10% discount for customers who bring back old packaging or custom boxes? You can re-use the boxes themselves, or designate a day to drive them to the recycling plant with your employees (the process is fascinating, and often times tours are available for a new take on team-building.) Not only are you helping your customers, but you’re also showing them you’re an eco-conscious business that wants to give back in every way.

If you’re a customer who was on the receiving end of a custom product box, why not dismantle it and flip it over to make something new? Or cover it in fabric, high-quality wrapping paper or totally bedazzle it out to make a jewelry box. Since custom boxes are often of a higher quality, they’re much more durable than you’d think. Plus, they can hold heavy amounts, in case you had a super successful Christmas haul this year!

Get Crafty
Even if your only real ability craft-wise is successfully wielding a hot glue gun, there are still about a million and one ways to turn old boxes into something new. The possibilities are particularly endless if you have small children. And, you’re teaching them good habits by having them build forts, make ornaments or even create pretend robots out of your heavy duty shipping boxes. One popular recycling technique that works for both children and adults? If you have any parties coming up, cut out giant letters to make banners of festive greetings or in honor of the birthday girl. You can spray paint them, cover them in fabric, glitter them…the possibilities are endless. Then tie them together using a hole punch and string, ribbon or twine. You can spruce up any party with one of these creative banners, and no one needs to know how easy it all was.

Recycling, re-using or donating old product boxes is great karma, whether you’re an individual consumer or a larger store. Start 2016 off on the right foot by making a pledge to recycle more this year.

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