New Subscription-Based Box Clubs Bring Branding Straight to Customers’ Doors

With never-ending selections of new items and ingenious product package design bringing them to customers’ mailboxes in style every month, subscription-based box clubs have become all the rage. This isn’t exactly a new concept. It has been possible to purchase memberships to clubs that ship the “beer of the month,” “wine of the month,” or “chocolate of the month” to members, which have been popular gift ideas for years. Now it is more a matter of convenience and wanting to try new things, though, and more often it is a gift we give ourselves. Some of the most popular monthly box clubs in recent times have allowed subscribers to try sample sizes of new cosmetics and eat new kinds of meals or snacks. This model is even expanding to new markets such as ties, razors, and socks. And for retailers, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to build brand awareness through the packaging that arrives on customers’ doorsteps.

Clothing and Accessories
Clothing and accessory “rental” clubs have been gaining popularity for a while, with opportunities to try new outfits, shoes, or purses every month based on your size, style preferences, and lifestyle. Customers can just return the items or buy what they like. The fun and convenience isn’t limited to the ladies here, though. Sprezzabox, for example, delivers new ties, socks, and other items for the modern corporate gentleman. Members receive a box with several high-quality grooming items and accessories each month.

Food and Beverages
While the idea of getting new food or beverages in the mail each month isn’t new, it used to be thought of more as a treat, and often given as a gift. Now it’s possible to try new healthy snacks every month thanks to companies like Nature Box and Love With Food, or even get all the ingredients for a gourmet meal with dinner kit subscriptions such as Blue Apron and Plated. Now trips to the store can be much less frequent.

Cosmetics and Toiletries
The most prominent and trendy subscription-based box clubs at the moment are centered on sample and trial sizes of new cosmetics. Companies like Birch Box and Ipsy make it easy to try new makeup and beauty products every month, and customers have incentive to purchase full-size versions of the products they love most with special discounts and point accumulation systems. These clubs aren’t limited to women either, though. The Dollar Shave Club, for example, is a razor subscription service that offers $1/month, $6/month, and $9/month options, as well as shave cream and wipes, for male and female customers.

Perhaps most striking about this new trend is the opportunities it provides for brand recognition, with artfully designed boxes reaching customers’ doors after passing countless people on the way. Each company sets itself apart with product package design that features a carefully implemented logo and other elements that make the box much more than just a piece of cardboard folded up to hold items. For retailers, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.