Meet Custom Boxes Now’s Customer of the Month: Conquest Maps

At Custom Boxes Now, we know what it’s like to start your business from the ground up, and to believe in your idea enough to do anything to keep building it. After all, that was our attitude when we started our company 50 years ago! That’s just one of the reasons we’re so excited to introduce you to our Customer of the Month, Conquest Maps.

Five years ago, when Conquest Maps was starting out, their team would make their own shipment boxes by hand, sitting on the floor wielding cardboard stock, a ruler, and a utility knife.

The idea for the company came from founder Ross Worden and his wife Kendeigh’s love for travel. To help them commemorate past trips as well as plan for new ones, the couple wanted to hang up a larger map in their home, marking the places they had been as well as where they still wanted to visit. Yet, the Wordens were surprised to find that such a map didn’t really exist – so they decided to create one themselves (we love that spirit).

After some tweaking in Photoshop/Illustrator, as well as hunting for the perfect materials that would hold the marking pins into place securely, the team was ready to print out their maps! To finish the story in the perfect way, Ross gifted Conquest Maps’ very first map to his wife for her birthday, where it still hangs in their home, accumulating pins!

Like any good business owner, the Wordens realized that it’s only after you create your products that the real work starts. They always keep growing their business, expanding their product line, and looking for ways to improve. Now, the company offers tons of items, from different colored pins to maps from different regions of the world. They ran the business out of their family home studio in Columbus, Ohio, until recently adding a fully dedicated warehouse and office.

But one thing they still wanted to improve on was their packaging, specifically, their shipping boxes. Even after Ross was able to upgrade to folder style boxes to ship orders, he still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted something that wouldn’t just hold the product, but would really show it off. After being drawn in by our online instant quote feature (because, like most of our clients, Ross is someone who wants to prioritize his time and doesn’t have any extra to lose), Ross contacted us. He liked that we offered the C-Series box, which would help him heighten the presentation aspect of their boxes. Plus, our tiered pricing system also put the power (not to mention transparency) in Ross’ hands when it came to evaluating the value of buying from us.

The first custom boxes we ran for Conquest Maps were white with one-color black print.

After placing his order, we were able to create a custom printed box for Conquest Maps. Branding was to be a central feature of the packaging, so we used a crisp white background with Conquest Maps’ logo stamped neatly across the front. We also made sure that the packaging highlighted their website, so customers could re-order and peruse with ease. They soon transitioned to a brown (kraft) box color, which better fits with the hand-made aesthetic that represents Conquest’s personal touch.

The most recent boxes use a brown (kraft) color to better fit the Conquest brand.

Ross notes that after creating the two dies with us, re-ordering is especially easy and saves him even more time. Plus, the boxes usually arrive within a week on his doorstep, meaning he doesn’t have to wait. We look forward to creating even more challenging packaging solutions for Conquest Maps in the future, and we’re honored that Ross and the rest of the team have had such a positive experience with us. We enjoy working with people who are willing to do anything to go after their dreams, and are always looking for ways to do even more for their business!

We love talking about how great our clients are, and featuring Conquest Maps as our Customer of the Month (like working with them in general) was our pleasure. Keep checking back to not only learn more about the types of businesses we work with and the boxes we’ve created, but also so you can get ideas about how to improve your own packaging!

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