MaverickHill and Custom Boxes Now: Creating Change for College-Aged Women

At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in lightning-fast turnaround times and customized packaging solutions for business. We recently had the chance to work with MaverickHill, one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the consumer market. MaverickHill’s brand concept revolves around female empowerment in the college setting and highlights positive affirmations for young women. Their innovative product lines required an equally cutting-edge packaging approach. MaverickHill’s curated and themed subscription boxes offer a budget-friendly way to accumulate a power wardrobe complete with accessories for college-aged women. This combination of social responsibility and creative marketing inspired us to name MaverickHill our client of the month.

The Challenge
Taylar Barrington, the founder of MaverickHill, first contacted Custom Boxes Now using our convenient chat interface. She was looking for fast turnaround on custom-printed boxes for The UniversiTee Box, a unique subscription box service designed by MaverickHill to provide college women with inspirational and empowering clothing and accessories. Taylar had specific ideas in mind regarding the configuration and printing of these packaging products. Budget constraints were also discussed; Taylar wanted to keep the cost of packaging low and to pass those savings on to her customers. Turnaround time was a key factor. Once the order information was provided to Custom Boxes Now, we got right to work on this new challenge.

Delivering the Right Solutions
The Custom Boxes Now design team was able to provide Taylar with a proof in less than 24 hours. The UniversiTee Box features reverse-out printing and measures 11 ½” by 8″ by 3,” making it an ideal fit for the MaverickHill products packed inside. The boxes shipped out just one week after first contact, making this one of the fastest turnaround times ever for a project of this magnitude. Thanks to this rapid response, Taylar and the MaverickHill team were able to start shipping right away, providing them with a real competitive advantage. Custom Boxes Now is proud to have played a part in bringing the innovative and forward-thinking products of MaverickHill to a wider marketplace.

MaverickHill was founded to provide young women with the products and the encouragement needed to achieve their full potentials both in the academic setting and in the working environment. By providing top-quality packaging, Custom Boxes Now is proud to have been able to offer real support for these goals while enhancing branding efforts for the UniversiTee Box and the entire MaverickHill lineup of products and services.

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