Five Jaw Dropping Examples of Custom Cardboard Designs You Never Imagined

The things that people can do with custom cardboard designs these days are simply amazing. Unique cardboard creations such as lamps, furniture, pyramids and other products certainly couldn’t have been imaginable to most professionals in the cardboard manufacturing industry 50 years ago. Read on as we describe five of the most jaw-dropping examples of custom cardboard creations from recent endeavors in the worlds of art, design and retailing. For vendors, online business owners and retail storeowners, these customized designs should serve as an example of the creative kinds of things you can do with your packing and shipping boxes. Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities.

  1. Cardboard Boom Boxes
    One company in Berlin used cardboard packaging to encase a mobile speaker, and they designed it in the shape of a 1980s boom box! The audio speakers work with all smartphones and come in a variety of cardboard colors. A built-in holder provides the perfect space to insert your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or other smartphone device.
  2. Cardboard Furniture
    Today’s durable cardboards, particularly corrugated cardboard products, can be used to make a variety of items. Even furniture! Peppermint Products used a surprisingly strong (yet still light and incredibly manageable) cardboard material to create eco-friendly furniture. All it needs is a coat of paint!
  3. Cardboard Lamps
    Did you know cardboard can be used to make lamps, too? While one may assume that cardboard and light bulbs don’t mix, today’s durable cardboards and eco-friendly lightbulbs can be used in beautiful unison. Studio 38 designed lamps made of cardboard in a splendid, swirling, circular pattern. And they can light up without the cardboard touching or coming close to the lightbulb, so they’re totally safe!
  4. A Cardboard Pavilion
    If cardboard lamps and furniture sound surprising, then imagine how spectacular a cardboard pavilion might be! Miguel Arraiz García and David Moreno Terrón, of Valencia, Spain designed a pavilion made of 3,000 corrugated hexagonal boxes. The structure, designed for the traditional Las Fallas festival, was composed entirely of corrugated cardboard and features a variety of artistic features such as mock wind chimes and various art installations.
  5. Cardboard Pyramids
    Collective Paper Aesthetics designed a pyramid play activity for kids made from cardboard in the shape of interconnecting hearts, or as they call it “heart-board,” in conjunction with the Haifa City Museum and the city’s Downtown Authorities. It was available outside the museum for public use by children for one day. If today’s corrugated cardboard products can withstand the demands of playing children, there’s no telling what designers will be able to do next!

Hopefully, these five custom cardboard creations will serve as inspiration for your retail packing and shipping schemes. Whether you are a vendor, retailer, online business owner or even an artist, you should never think of a plain, brown box when you think of cardboard packaging. A little bit of “thinking outside the box” is all you really need to make your unique mark on customers and consumers!

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