How to Start Innovating Your Product Packaging Today

The ability to come up with innovative product packaging ideas can make or break a business these days. The way you package your products largely influences people’s first impression of your company, and ultimately how many products you sell. You could have the most useful and high-quality product in the world, but if it isn’t packaged in an attractive and inventive container, there is a much lower chance that customers will notice it. If you’re trying to create a positive brand identity and attract more customers to your products, you will need to come up with an innovative packaging idea that makes your merchandise stand out in the crowd. Here are a few directions you might take in this quest:

Dual-Purpose Packaging
Customers love when a package has more than one purpose. Think outside the box – pun intended – and see what creative bonus you can give your end users. One popcorn maker designed an origami package that folds into a bowl, for example. Similarly, a winemaker designed an outer package that opens to become two glasses and a company that makes individual packages of spreadable butter designed a package with a lid that becomes a knife to spread the butter with.

Minimal Design
Many companies are taking a different route and choosing to stick with a more minimalist approach that departs from the typical attempts to catch a customer’s eye. Using bright colors and other tricks, there is a lot you can do with clean lines, shadows, bold text, basic colors and simple embellishments. This approach can help your product stand out in the crowd as the most elegant, classy and pure.

An added bonus to this trick is that while you may pay up front for the design aspect of this packaging, once you have the design developed, your actual per-packaging cost may be less than a traditional big box that might take more materials to execute. Design elements can simply be used over and over.

Play with Shapes
Packages with unusual, out-of-the-box shapes are among the most fun to open, so try to come up with a shape that defies the typical square or rectangle box. Don’t choose a shape that is unnecessarily large or difficult to display on store shelves, though. Doing so could cause problems for your vendors who would like to carry your product but are concerned about how to manage and account for the shelf-space your it may require.

Themed Packaging
There are many ways to design a product’s packaging around a theme. One organic winemaker wraps their bottles in organic paper that depicts vines in each natural growth stage, from the leaf to the resulting vino. Or there’s the orange juice company that makes juice boxes in the shape of orange slices that fit together into a fruitlike sphere. Clever marketing and packaging could make all the difference.

These are just a few of the directions you can take. With so many innovative product packaging possibilities, you should never go back to the plain, brown box again.