Holiday Product Design and Packaging Ideas for Online Retailers

The winter holiday season may seem like ages away, but retailers are already busy thinking of product design ideas and planning ahead for the 2014 holidays. Online retailers are particularly busy thinking of what they’re going to offer, how they’re going to package it and what their assembly line is going to look like as they get into the midst of their busiest time of year. If you’re an online retailer planning on selling your wares and shipping them directly to your customers’ doors, and you’re not already thinking about these things, it’s about time you started. Here are a few of the latest trends and ideas for brand packaging, shipping and product design to help get you started.

Make Sure Your Product Design is Consistent

However you decide to design your products and market your logo, the key is to be consistent so customers become familiar with your brand and associate your products with a certain name, logo or idea without even thinking about it. From the products themselves to the paper and packaging to the box it all comes in, customers should find a consistent visual image that reinforces your brand identity. This allows you to control how people perceive your brand and makes a positive impression starting from the first shopping experience.

Custom Packaging Sets Your Products Apart

If you’re going to put a lot of effort into your products and the way they are designed, it’s imperative that you continue that effort into the packaging stage. This means more than just having a consistent color or placing a tiny logo sticker on the outside of the box. If you want to set your products apart you need to go the extra mile and be creative. If you don’t have an artistic or creative side, some outside assistance may be needed to set your products apart in the right way. Package manufacturers may also have ideas from past clients to give your team some inspiration. Setting your products apart this way may be one key to acquiring loyal repeat customers, which is exactly what all retailers dream of.

Custom Boxes to Greet Your Customers with Style

After designing your packaging and establishing your brand, it’s a good idea to order custom boxes that send your products and brand image straight to your customers’ doors. This way everyone who handles or even sees the box as it makes its way from the packaging and shipping center to your customer’s door will be greeted with your unique artwork, designs, logo and color scheme. While plain boxes without printing are always an option, it’s well worth the small investment to go with a custom design. Choose from boxes with one-color direct printing, two-color direct printing and high-end printing for your unique packaging needs. It’s always a good idea to see what other retailers are doing to get an idea, but ultimately your boxes should be unique to your brand. There are also plenty of unique product design ideas on various retail, design and image-sharing sites online if you’re looking for inspiration. Just don’t let your designs, packaging and boxes be plain this holiday season!