HIDEitMounts.com is Our Customer of the Month!

Whether you’re looking to de-clutter your home or are in desperate need of more space in your shoebox Manhattan apartment, wouldn’t it be great if you could just hang your TV and stereo components right on your walls?! Well, thanks to the space-saving geniuses at HIDEitMounts.com, Custom Boxes Now’s Customer of the Month, you can!

Of course, wall mounts aren’t just great for design purposes. They can also help to gather and hide wires so you can prevent potential falls, keep your children safe, and make sure that your four-legged-friends are protected. We especially love that HIDEitMounts.com sends you all the necessary screws and anchors along with your wall mount, saving you the headache of a confusing trip to the hardware store.

HIDEitMounts.com offers a variety of wall mounts for different gaming stations and consoles, personal computers, security systems, cable systems, DVD players, and much more. If you want your components off your floor or a shelf, they have a mounting solution for you. They’re committed to using manufacturers that are based in the United States, have been in the business for over five years, and make it clear that they love a challenging project. Curious to learn more about what HIDEitMounts.com can do for your space? Be sure to check out their hashtag #afterHIDEit to see some incredibly satisfying “Before & After” photos from customers.

When HIDEitMounts.com reached out to us for assistance in creating their custom packaging, we knew we had to give them something that was durable and sturdy enough to protect the mounts and hardware, but would also help to build brand recognition. They came to us a bit frustrated, as they’d already been through the wringer, working with other packaging designers for six months! The designs being presented (not to mention the projected budget they were looking at) was simply not working for them.

Then they reached out to Custom Boxes Now.

Because of the variety of sizes of their mounts, we recommended several different sizes of C-series boxes. We went with their brand’s colors of white and bright green to reinforce the all-important brand consistency, and included the #afterHIDEit hashtag alongside all the social media platforms they use. That way, customers were encouraged to get connected, give feedback, and even participate in monthly space makeover contests.

There’s a lot to love about HIDEitMounts.com, but it’s the company’s origin story that really drew us in. Founders Relina and Chuck were looking for a safe, secure, and streamlined way to store a new gaming system they’d purchased to entertain their two boys (and OK, probably Chuck, too.) Unable to find the product they needed online, they created their own prototype, had it made, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. They pride themselves on being a family business that grew into a success based on meeting the everyday, often-overlooked needs of their customers.

At Custom Boxes Now, we love showcasing our favorite creations for some of the most innovative companies out there. Interested in being featured as our next Client of the Month? Inspired by the ideas you read about here and want to get the ball – or rather, box – rolling on your own design? We’re all about working to exceed the expectations of you and your clients. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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