Getting Ready for the Holidays 2018

Everyone knows not keeping your branding fresh and seasonal can break your business. From your retail displays to your packaging, it’s important you stay with the times. Are you ready to rebrand your packaging or give your marketplace a bit of a seasonal face lift? The seasonality of the holidays is a great time to mix things up a bit and try out some new, fun things with how you present your brand.

Your branding: it will either hook them or let them go.

As the 2018 holiday season quickly approaches, you need to start thinking about what you’re going to do to make sure your brand is ringing in each holiday. It’s time to rev up and think about the current trends that you can put to work – both in terms of the in-store experience you offer your customers, right down to the packaging they walk away with.

Make Their Eyes Pop for Halloween
Halloween can mean mega sales. In fact, the holiday now rivals Christmas as many retailers start rolling out items as early as August – this year we even saw some Halloween décor and sales IN JULY! Give your competition a run for their money by creating a unique experience for customers who are shopping in your store. And don’t forget that packaging add-ons can really stand out in a crowd.

One way of drawing in potential buyers is to highlight the color orange. It’s a trend that will never do you wrong or go out of style. Orange too loud and bold? Try the delicate and whimsical white pumpkin theme to offer something refreshing and exclusive. Skeletons, mummies and Jack-o-lanterns are old standbys that can be used in a variety of ways, too.

Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style
When it comes to the season of giving thanks, you want to pull on your customers’ heartstrings. Quotes, prints and artwork remind buyers of what Thanksgiving is all about and can make the season a shopping success when it comes to your bottom line.

Create a feeling of home and family with cozy nooks that invite visitors in your store to sit down or inspire them to recreate the same look at their house. You can’t go wrong with a fall theme that includes colorful foliage and anything that will help customers have the perfect gathering at home. Your retail displays should be a feast for the senses. And your packaging? Why not slip a favorite quote about gratitude into your boxes before shipping or sending customers away with their purchases?

Capture the Spirit of Christmas
Christmas is about more than gifts, but you are specializing in giving those must-have items that make others happy. Keep that feeling going with the experience customers have while shopping your brand. Create a sense of nostalgia with vintage displays. Or, a simple and easy tip that will transform any store into a magical wonderland is to play with your lighting and retail displays – go bold, but keep things simple.

What’s in for 2018?
Social media is (yes, still) hot this year and will continue to help consumers find their must-have purchases. In the somewhat-odd world of the “unboxing trend” (people posting pictures and videos of themselves “unboxing,” or opening, items they’ve purchased), don’t miss the opportunity to make your packaging an experience in and of itself. Other tips to make sure you stay trendy:

  • Make sure your displays are visually attractive. Invite customers to take, post and tag selfies by offering giveaways that encourage them to socially spread the word about your store.
  • Remember that more is less. Simple displays with one big impactful focus can be a showstopper.
  • Lighting can pave the way, whether you go with something soft and understated for effect, or you decide to spotlight areas of your store – the lighting you choose can make a big impact.
  • If possible, include digital displays that allow customers to be interactive.

What’s On the Way Out in 2018?
Simplicity is the name of the game these days. Overwhelmingly, consumers are on a minimalist trend. You can take advantage of that with a simple, streamlined look to your brand.

  • As you plan your displays, don’t angle your items. Make them face out.
  • Steer clear of clutter – you’ll only make your store look busy. Think about the best ways to show off what you have in a balanced way.
  • If you’re rebranding, be sure that your packaging reflects your new bright and clean look and feel.

Consumers today are demanding. They want and expect to see and feel a shopping experience as something they can embrace. From the layout of your store, to how you set up and change out your displays, to what your packaging makes customers feel, you have all the opportunity in the world to create a branding effort to be remembered, and the holidays make this even easier!

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